How to decorate a commode

Why have a plain, ordinary toilet when you can decorate it to look just like the expensive commodes at home improvement stores.

We spend a lot of time, effort and money decorating our homes. Everything from walls to floors to counter tops are included in the decor. Even fixtures are sometimes changed out to give a more elegant look to our kitchens and baths. One thing that is an important part of most homes is often left undecorated: the commode. Sure we've all seen the fuzzy tank and lid covers with matching rug but if you're not fond of the look there's not many choices left. Or are there? Home improvement stores now carry toilets that have the inside of the bowl painted quite impressively but they are a little expensive for some people's budget. Painting the bowl yourself can save money and give you the opportunity to have the exact design you want.

Of course a brand new commode is the easiest way to get started on the new paint job but a used toilet that has been cleaned to perfection can be decorated as well. Turn the water valve to the commode off, flush and soak up remaining water with a towel. After cleaning well wipe the entire surface with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to strip any remaining cleaner.

Using stencils, unless you're a great artist, is the easiest way to accomplish painting of the bowl. Air-cure enamel paints are the best to use since they are made especially for painting ceramic surfaces and don't need to be fired like some porcelain paints. Secure the stencil to the inside of the bowl with tape. Make sure the entire stencil is flat against the bowl. After stenciling the design and allowing ample time to dry apply a ceramic glaze to protect the design. From there on out use a natural cleaner, like vinegar, to clean the commode rather than harsh chemicals that might eventually damage the paint. You can paint the outside of the commode in the same manner using first the ceramic paints then the glaze.

If painting the interior of the bowl is simply too much trouble try making a stenciled design for the front of the tank and the tank lid. The images can be printed onto clear adhesive paper and then affixed to the toilet. Use a spray-on sealant to protect the pictures. You can also stencil the design on rather than print large stickers. Another way to decorate the tank front and sides, along with the tank top, is to decoupage fabric to it. Spread on the decoupage glue, place the fabric on the surface, then apply another layer over the top. Use steel wool to smooth the design. The fabric, covered in decoupage, is washable.

The large stickers can be printed out then cut in a circle for attaching to the bowl lid. Or use dimensional paints to make flowers and vines on the lid. You can also purchase a monogram of brass to attach to either the front of the tank or to the bowl lid.

You can combine some of these techniques like painting the interior of the bowl the printing a large scenic sticker for the tank lid or painting the outside of the commode then using the brass monogram to put on the front of the tank.

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