How To Decorate Glass Chriatmas Ornaments

Making beautiful Christmas tree ornaments from plain glass ball ornaments is fun and easy and you can do it for very little money.

Making beautiful Christmas tree ornaments from plain glass ball ornaments is easy and fun and you can do it for very little money. These ornaments are so beautiful that you will want to make a lot of them and hand them down through your family as heirlooms. You can even give them as a unique gift.

First, go to any crafts or department store and buy the glass balls. Dollar stores carry a large assortment at a very low price. They come in many colors and sizes. It doesn't matter what color or size you buy. They are very inexpensive, somewhere between two and three dollars for a dozen.

While you're at the crafts store there are some items that you will need to buy to decorate your glass balls, such as glitter, liquid glue, sequins, and beads that can be bought by the yard. Try to get several different colors of the beads, lace, and buy the small lace because you are working on a small object. Large lace will overwhelm the ornament. Small bunches of flowers such as tiny rose buds in various colors will also look nice. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks and gold paint to write names, dates and anything else that you like on the ornament.

Another idea for decorating these glass balls is decoupage. This is pasting a pretty picture such as Angels, flowers, Christmas scenes, etc., onto the ornament. The crafts store has decoupage supplies for this task.

You can also personalize the ornaments with names of your family and the year that it was made. Only your imagination limits you as to how and what you want to decorate your glass balls with. There are so many possibilities when doing this. You can even put family photos on a few and add a personal touch to you Christmas Tree.

There are some safety issues that you should be aware of when working with glass ornament. This glass is very thin so don't hold on to the ornament too tightly or it will crush in your hand and you will have a nasty cut. Try holding it with a wash cloth in the palm of your hand. This should prevent any accident that you may have. Now, after you are finished decorating the glass ornaments, place them in a secure storage box and wrap each one in tissue paper allowing enough room between each ornament. You can purchase special boxes for storing Christmas tree ornaments in the crafts store.

When you're taking your tree down after the holidays be sure and pack your beautiful glass ball ornaments away correctly so that you can use them year after year.

You'll be so proud of these ornaments and the compliments that you will receive will be worth all the hard work of making them.

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