Decorate Your Home For Christmas In 10 Easy Steps

Ten elements you can use to decorate your home for Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas can be a daunting task, but here are ten easy steps that will get you ready for the holiday season.

One Nativity scene: If you are really into Christmas, then you need to have a Nativity scene. Nativity scenes represent the birth site of Jesus and are an essential part of Christmas celebrations worldwide. If a Nativity scene is not your idea of Christmas decorations, perhaps a life-sized Santa and reindeer set will suit you instead.

Two Christmas trees: One tree is never enough. If you truly want to fill your home with the Christmas spirit, then you need to have two or more trees. The first tree can go in the family room or children's play area to be decorated with the children's hand made ornaments. The second tree can go in the foyer or formal dining room and can display your crystal ornaments.

Three holiday wreaths: Just like one tree is never enough, neither is one wreath. You will need one wreath for the front door, one for the hearth, and a third very large one for the front of the house, either above the front door or the garage door.

Four Christmas stockings: A stocking should be hung on the hearth for each family member. Fill the stockings with candy canes, batteries for toys, and necessities like breath mints and socks.

Five rolls of wrapping paper: Five rolls of wrapping paper is just enough for a family of four (if you do not go overboard on buying presents). Make sure you purchase your rolls in five different patterns so you can wrap each person's gift in a different paper, saving confusion on Christmas morning. Use the fifth roll for extended family and friends.

Six big red bows: Nothing finishes off Christmas decorations like big red bows. You can hang them on doors, put them on your super sized gifts, and use them to top your Christmas trees.

Seven boxes of candy canes: Candy canes make the perfect edible Christmas tree decoration. In addition to hanging them on the tree, you can put them in Christmas stockings. The best part is at the end of the holiday season, you will not have to store them. Chances are they will be long gone.

Eight electric candle lights: Candle lights should be placed in your front and side window to welcome guests into your home. In the United States, the tradition of placing candles in the window dates back to colonial times when it symbolized warmth, security and loyalty to family members absent from home. Today it is a welcome sign to friends and neighbors at the holidays.

Nine poinsettia plants: Nine poinsettia plants would be just enough to create a poinsettia tree, which is made by stacking the plants in a Christmas tree shape. You can also place them around the room, in windows or on the hearth.

Ten Christmas ornaments: Ornaments break and tastes change. To make sure you have enough ornaments to keep up to date with styles and trends you will want to purchase at least ten new Christmas ornaments yearly. If you purchase a different ornament style each year, you will be able to remember when you purchased each ornament later. Better yet, you can date your new ornaments every year.

By following these ten basic steps, you will have a well decorated home for Christmas. One or more of the elements mentioned above may be substituted with a family tradition that was not included on this list.

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