Decorate Your Home Using Stencils And Paint

Learn how to use stencils to decorate your home with these simple craft projects.

Stenciling is a fun project and is soaring in popularity as a cheap, easy way to decorate homes. With a few simple tools, one can personalize their home inexpensively. Stencils can be used in a variety of ways to jazz up almost anything or to create a decor theme. With a little background information you can be off to stencil around your home.

Stencils create a unique look. Their are a variety of stencils available or you can create your own. It is best to start out with a small, easy design and work up to more complex stencils. You can stencil on a variety of surfaces, including wood and glass. Your stenciling project can range from a simple geometric shape to a large artistic mural. It may take some practice to get the perfect stenciling technique down, but once you get the hang of it the sky is the limit on what you can do. Stencils last a long time so be sure to plan before putting that brush in the paint. Choose designs with the scale and decor of the project in mind. If you are unsure of what the end product may look like you can always try a dry run. Stencil on paper and hang the paper where you plan to put the stencil. Stand back and check it out to see if it looks great. Be sure to use the right paint - oil based surfaces need oil based paint and other surfaces can use acrylic paint. Stenciling is an art that anyone can do.

The types of stenciling projects you can do are only limited by your imagination. You can stencil all around your house. From common wall border stencils to creative dish stenciling you can customize your home to suit your tastes in an inexpensive way. On walls you can stencil borders around the top, middle or bottom. Try putting a stencil around a window to make it a focal point. Old dressers or other furniture can be spiced up with some nice stenciling work. Make your kitchen motif your own creation by stenciling chairs, cabinets and even dishes to match. To stencil a dish you need to put the stencil on the underside of a clear dish. Never put paint on the surface that will be eaten off. Use your creative flair and stencil away to a customized home decor.

The basics of stenciling involve a flat-tipped brush, paint and a stencil. Simply position the stencil in place and tape it on. Then hold the stencil tight to the surface and begin painting in a circular motion by dabbing the brush to the surface. If you are using more than one color you should use a different brush for each color and start with lighter colors first. For stencils that you will use more than one time in a design you will need to wipe off the stencils front and back side to prevent colors from bleeding or transferring to the new surface. Stencils and supplies can be bought at craft stores or department stores.

Stenciling is quite fun to do and with all the variety of supplies available the fun can be never-ending. If you are stuck with a small decorating budget, stencils may be your answer. They are quite quick to do and as your skills progress you can become more elaborate with your creations. Try different surfaces and styles throughout your home. They are a great way to add a personal touch. Stenciling to decorate your home can be a fun family project as well. Go take a look at a local store's craft department to find the stencil that catches your eye, buy it, and go home to begin the decorating.

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