Decorate The Kid's Room With Animals

When you decorate the kid room have some fun and be creative. Ideas for designing the perfect baby's or child's decor for an animal or Noah's ark themed room.

It is easy to give your baby or child an adorable room by decorating it with animals and a Noah's ark theme.

The curtain and the bedspread will set the stage for the rest of the decor. Many fabric stores have a good selection of fabric in the Noah's ark theme. Try to find at least two fabrics that coordinate. Wal-Mart carries a line of fabrics that have animals and clouds. Some have just animals and some have just clouds and there are several with a mixture of animals and clouds. This is a perfect series to use.

If you know how to sew buy the patterns you like best for the curtain and the bedspread. If you are setting up a baby's room you may want to make the bedding for the crib in coordinating fabrics. The bumper looks cute in an animal print while the blanket is clouds or whatever else. In this case you should make the curtains the same material as the bumper. If you are decorating the room for an older child make the bedspread and curtain in different but coordinating fabrics. If you don't know how to sew these are pretty easy beginning projects to learn on, or find a seamstress to make these things for you.

The walls are the next biggest part of the room you will want to focus on. You may opt to paint them a color that goes with the material you have chosen. A shade of blue is your best bet for a boy's room. If you are artistic you can paint clouds on the ceiling and animals on the walls, but a plain background will look nice when you add a few accessories.

Now for the accessories. An easy way to brighten the room is to add colorful picture frames. Soft yellows, greens or purples are nice. You can make these frames yourself by covering old frames with wallpaper or wrapping paper. Just cut out the paper a little larger then the frame. On all of the corners cut a diagonal line so that the paper can be folded and wrapped around to the back of the frame where you will glue it. Make a large frame to hold the Noah's ark scene. This will pull the whole room together.

You can add expression to the dressers and bookcases with scarves. Use a coordinating material, cut it the length that you want, hem and you have a bookcase or dresser scarf.

You can also paint animals on the dresser or bookcase. Each drawer on the dresser could have a line of different animals walking two by two. If you can find a tall wooden lamp, you could paint a giraffe on each side. The lampshade can be stenciled with animals and the ark.

Finally, you can add a border about half way up the wall. You have three options for making the border. You can buy a wallpaper type border, you can paint the animals freehand or you can buy a stencil and stencil the wall. Whatever you choose to do you will have created a beautiful room that you and your child will cherish.

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