Decorate Ordinary Flip-Flops

Tips, ideas and instructions on decorating, personaliziing and customizing plain ordinary flip-flops. Go to the craft store, pick up a few things and you'll have the coolest shoes around.

Have the coolest flip-flops around, but don't pay the big bucks for them. Decorate the flip-flops your own way and no one will know they're not high-dollar. There are any number of items that you can purchase at a craft store, a toy department or simply dig out of a child's toy box. Since flip-flops are designed in so many different ways nowadays, endless possibilities exist for decorating them.

Use flat, rubber or plastic fish, dolphins, crabs or seahorses to glue onto the straps of the sandals. Use glue that is waterproof, rather than hot glue. If the fish are super small, you can glue several of them on each strap.

Flip-flops with wedge heels, and even those without, can be decorated nicely with stickers. And, stickers are removable and replaceable so you can have different flip-flops each time you dress by simply exchanging the old stickers for some new ones.

Use a paint brush to quickly put glitter paint around the outside of the shoe. You can paint it on the straps too, or leave them plain.

Measure a piece of cord from around the big toe, to behind the heel and add five or six inches to that measurement. Tie a slip knot in the middle of the cord, then slide beads onto each end of the cord. Slide the beads up to allow for more until both cord pieces are completely strung with beads. Slip on the flip-flops then slide the slip knot over the big toe. Tie the cord ends behind the heel and trim off excess. Tuck the ends under the beads. This gives a very unique look to flip-flops and you can make several different foot bead arrangements for various looks. Use fish beads, clam shell beads, or other nautical-looking beads. Or, use silver or gold seed beads for a daintier look. Instead of making the foot beads, simply glue the fish-shaped beads directly onto the straps of the sandals.

Choose one nice trinket, like a ceramic sun and glue it where the two straps meet on the sandal. Purchase a brass initial and place it where the straps meet, or glue on a silk rose. Silk flowers look nice on flip-flops and glue on easily. Place silk leaves here and there on the straps, then place assorted flowers around on the flip-flop straps. You can even entwine tiny beads-on-a-string or ribbon in between and around the flowers.

Make a very unique set of flip-flops by gluing a small, lightweight picture frame with your favorite pet or an ocean scene, where the straps meet. These very bitty frames can be found at any craft store.

Select foam shapes in shell shapes or fish shapes to glue on the straps of the flip-flops. These come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to match any flip-flop.

Dip string in different colored paints, then wrap them around the flip flop for a wild string-art effect. Look around your craft store for more ideas on decorating your own flip-flops. You'll have lots of fun making a variety of different beach shoes.

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