How To Decorate Paneling And Molding

Tips and ideas on how to update or redecorate old brown paneling in your house.

Paneling and molding can get pretty boring particularly if the decor is brown and is in every room of your house. Many homes were built with paneling installed in most rooms but to tear it out and install something else will be quite expensive. You can save a lot of money and improve the look of your home's interior in any number of ways depending upon the type of paneling you have. Paneling with rough textures will be harder to decorate than smooth paneling.

Consider making a minor change to a room or two by simply using a rubber stamp to transfer images on random sections of the paneling. Dip a rubber buffalo stamp in black paint or a deer in a different shade of brown than the paneling. Choose a spot here and there to stamp the animal onto the wall. Make the look more unique by stamping only half of the animal at corners and doors. A smaller version of a related theme will look good on the molding. For instance, you can use a rubber eagle stamp or a small feather stamp.

Wood burning is a hobby that can really come in handy when it comes to changing the look of paneling and molding. Simple wood burning techniques like lines, scrolls and dots can be practiced on a scrap piece of wood until you're confident of your talents. Use wood burning stencils to make patterns on the wood or simply make dots and lines randomly. Make teepee shapes at different spots on the paneling. Or leave the paneling alone but make teepee shapes on all the molding.

Rub-on appliques are easy to apply to the molding for a new look to the room. The appliques are available in various sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. Try to stick with colors that won't be shocking next to the brown of the paneling. Since the appliques often come in a sheet with a particular theme you don't have to do the same image over and over again. Select linear designs of appliques for the molding. For the paneling small, discreet appliques are more appropriate than large, colorful patterns.

Cut patterns out of cloth and use decoupage to paste them to the molding. Spread the glue, stick the pattern on and let dry. Apply another coat of the decoupage then use a light steel wool to buff the design. The same thing can be done with clear-backed adhesive stickers. After applying the stickers use a clear coat sealer to keep them from peeling.

Give your paneling gold flecks by purchasing a small jar of gold leaf paint. The paint dries quickly and gives the room sparkle. Or just use the gold leaf paint to change the color of the molding. If the paneling in your home is gray use silver paint instead of gold.

Molding can be removed and reinstalled very easily. Take it down, wrap it in wallpaper or fabric then nail it back. The room will look completely different than it did before.

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