How to decorate plate holders

How to decorate plate holders: Don't invest only in your plates if you're a collector. Think about the plate holders which are also on display.

If you collect plates you've probably had a hard time finding plate holders that are truly unique. Most wooden plate holders are painted black or gold but few are decorated to any extent. When you decorate them yourself you can make them match the plate or choose another beautiful design.

Rub-on appliques are great for decorating plate holders because they come in a large variety of designs. Small flowers, birds, letters and other choices will greatly improve the look of any plate holder. Use a popsicle stick or coin to rub the applique onto the wood. Match the design on each side then spray with a clear-coat sealant.

Tiny faux jewels or rhinestones really make a plate holder dazzle. Use either the adhesive-backed jewels or the ones that require glue. Outline the parts of the plate holder that actually hold the plate.

Thin ropes or chains look good for plates with certain designs. Set the plate on the holder then glue the ropes or chains to the top back of the holder. Let the chains or rope dangle across the front of the plate in any pattern you wish. Secure the ends to the bottom sides of the plate holder. You can dangle small charms from the ropes or chains to add even more flair.

Stickers work well with plate holders because they're quick and easy and they come in a large variety to match the plate. If the plate features the state of Maine, for instance, put a lighthouse sticker on each side. Texas? Cowboy boot and lasso stickers.

You can do something more simplistic like choosing one of the colors on the plate and painting the holder to match. Outline the plate holder with metallic paints or slender stick-on borders. Dimensional paints give the look of stone to almost any surface. Dab the paint on rather than stroking for a rougher texture.

Antique plates simply don't look comfortable on brand new plate holders. Give the holder a vintage look with foil. You can purchase a kit that makes this technique very simple. Brush on a bottom coat, a medium and then stick on the foil. Rub well before yanking the foil quickly from the plate holder. This will give the look of a golden plate holder that has weathered the years. The foils are available in bronze and other choices as well.

Close the plate holder and lay it on a piece of fabric. Draw the pattern of the holder but it cut it slightly smaller. Now use decoupage glue to affix the fabric onto the sides of the holder. Instead of cloth you can use wallpaper, shelf paper, even cork.

Combine two or three of the above techniques for even more interesting plate holders. For example, give a holder the foil treatment then set a nautical plate and hang ropes. Or paint the holder one of the colors of the plate and add small stickers or rub-ons.

There are many plate collectors in the world but if you follow some of the suggested techniques you'll have the most unique collection ever.

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