How To Decorate Shutters

Shutters are about the only thing you can decorate on your home if you have vinyl siding. Here's a few ideas to change their look.

With more people going to vinyl siding for their home's exterior the need for painting rarely exists but it leaves a homeowner limited on exterior decorating choices. Painting the shutters a different color is one way to have a whole new look for your house. Even that gets tiring after you've gone through several colors. Something a little different than the norm when it comes to painting shutters is to paint the perimeter of the shutter one color and the slats another color. Or use a small paintbrush to paint a thin line all the way around the perimeter, about 3" from the edge. There are still other ways to redecorate the shutters and give your home a face lift - with little expense.

Visit a craft store and purchase large rub-on appliques and perk up the shutters with flowers and vines. The choices are almost limitless when it comes to appliques and they can be rubbed on virtually anything. Use a popsicle stick or coin to transfer the applique to the top, bottom or middle of the shutters. Usually these three areas are wide making it easy to do virtually any design. You can also use vine or other linear appliques to go around the perimeter of the shutters. Or choose one large design and place it in the center only. After the applique is in place use a spray-on clear coat to protect it from the elements. Let dry and apply another coat. Instead of appliques try sets of stickers but be sure and seal well.

Large brass letters from a craft department add a little elegance to the shutters. Not only are the brass pieces available in letters but in shapes like animals or objects. Use an adhesive that's accepted by metal and wood to apply the shape to the center of each shutter. Choose extra large ones that will stand out from a distance. Use car wax several times a year to buff the brass and protect it from the weather. Letters, objects and such are also available in wood. Shapes like sailboats, anchors, birdhouses, coyote and other choices make your shutters uniquely your own. The wood shapes can be painted in any color and attached to the shutters. Seal the wood letters with a clear coat to keep them from warping or rotting. The wood pieces don't have to be painted a solid color. Try making a wavy line pattern, polka dots or another interesting design.

Virtually anything that's waterproof can be added as decoration for the shutters. Foam shapes can be painted and glued to the shutters. Brass or wood corner pieces can be easily added for decoration as well.

Large ceramic pieces can really brighten the shutters of your home. They are available at some craft stores or a ceramic shop. You can choose the size and design of the ceramic piece then paint it and have it glazed for a real shine or paint it and clear seal it to protect it from the weather. Add one to each shutter along the front of the house.

You can use a combination of the techniques like a large brass letter in the middle of the shutters with the brass corner pieces added. Or use the rub-on appliques around the edges of the shutters then add a large wooden shape in the middle.

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