Decorate Teen Bedrooms

Decorate your teens room; paint it, design a theme for it, make it cool!

Let's face it, when you're fifteen, those baby yellow walls and white pine furniture just isn't cool anymore. A teenager needs a little more pizzazz in a room. Here are some ideas on how to do that without spending a horrific amount of money on the process.


Paint isn't very expensive and it makes a room look completely different. Don't just stick to plain old white, try some darker colors. Pick a shade of your favorite color and use that. You could even paint the ceiling if you want to, the same color as the walls or any other interesting hue.

Your local paint store will have ideas on how to do neat finishes on the walls. Take a look at rag-rolling, sponge painting, and stencils, they add visual interest to a room and stencils can even portray your favorite activity. For guys, try sport stencils around the top of the walls, for girls, horses or flowers are available in abundant variety. Be bold and make your room into whatever you want.

Another idea is to paint part of the wall with blackboard paint. You could just do shapes or work on a city skyline that goes right around the room. Your friends can autograph the wall with chalk or you can keep lists in plain sight.


A teen has lots of stuff. It just tends to collect and usually ends up on the floor because there isn't enough space in the closet for it. Shelves are the answer. You can make shelves out of just about anything, from cement bricks and boards to those plastic crates that eggs come in at the supermarket. Ask for the crates at the store and then stack them in your room, on their sides. They come in all kinds of bright colors, but you can always spray paint them if you like.


Go to a thrift store and get some old scarves that you like the look of and tack them to your ceiling by the corners. They will add a softer look to the room. You can also hang old fabric on the walls. Granny's attic is a good place to look.

Another idea is to get your friends to sign a T-shirt for an event, like camp or a soccer team. Hang the shirt on the wall, along with a group photo of all the people involved.


There's nothing like some soft pillows or cushions to sit on when you invite a bunch of friends over for a video night. Why not have some that bring back good memories? Take all your old shirts that you can no longer wear (too small, holes, etc.) and cut out the front. Measure a square around the design and cut that out. Sew, or have a mother sew, four of these squares together and then cut out a square of an old sheet that is the same size as your pillow front. Sew the right sides of the two squares together and leave an opening along one edge. Stuff it full of batting and hand stitch the hole up. Presto! A memory pillow that will look as great as it will feel!


Choose a theme for your room and then hit a dollar store and thrift shops to find items that fit your theme. Some examples are nautical, sports, tropical, etc. For the tropical you could buy a bunch of bamboo mats and hang them from your ceiling, an inch from the wall. Tack some to the ceiling and start collecting tropical stuff. You could have a few shells along the windowsill, some Hawaiian postcards up on the bulletin board. Let your imagination go wild.


Curtains add a lot to a room. You can buy them from a store, ready made, or you can design your own. Once again, thrift shops are the perfect place to shop. Find some old scarves and drape them from your curtain rods, or adjust some funky old curtains to fit your window. Sheets can always be hemmed to fit your windows and they come in endless patterns and colors.


If you or a friend is artistic, try adding some spice to the walls with a nice mural. It can be as big or as little as you want, from a ladybug in one corner to a full wall panorama. One girl I know painted the corner of her room to look like there was a gaping hole there, rebar and all sticking out, and you could see the green fields and a barn through the hole. You could also paint a favorite movie star onto the wall. Don't worry; you can always paint over it if you decide later that you don't like the effect.


Doorways are easily jazzed up by hanging some of those bead curtains from the frame. They come in dozens of shapes now, from aliens and hearts, to stars and happy faces. Choose one that fits your personality.


Don't underestimate the power of posters. Arrange them in different ways. Try a checkerboard pattern or randomly tiltled posters. If you're running out of space, stick them to the ceiling. You can fit a lot of magazine ads on a ceiling!


Tired of your wallpaper and not allowed to change it? Make your own with your favorite cartoons, magazine ads, or whatever. Tape pages together into long strips and tack them to the top of your wall so each strip hangs to the floor. Just keep adding strips of your own special wallpaper until the room is surrounded.


Borders finish off your room. You can stencil borders, add a wallpaper border, or make your own with a collection. Adding a shelf around the top of your walls will provide a place to put larger items, or you can stick up pictures or movie tickets, or ticket stubs from fairs, etc. Pick something that you like and run with it. Borders don't have to stay by the ceiling either, they can run around the room at any level you please.

Reading Material

Give people something to read when they walk into your room. Copy out some favorite sayings or poems or even stories and jokes onto colored paper and stick them up around your room. You can find quotes and famous sayings on the Internet or at the library.


No, not the place you go after high school, a collection of pictures. This is a really good project for the back of your door. Tape a base paper to the door so it covers the whole thing. Now start collecting pictures and words from magazines. Anything that interests you and start gluing it up to the door. Layer things, overlap the pictures and stick the words on top. You can just do whatever or choose a theme like youth, love, fame, or something that pleases you.

So, there you have it, now get to work and get your room into shape. And most of all, have fun!

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