Decorating A Bedroom In A Western Theme

Decorating ideas for creating a western look in your bedroom, including designing wall border, bedspreads, lamps and accessories.

You've got your wagon wheel bed; now what else can you use to add to have a genuine, western theme bedroom decor? Well, horse statues or miniature ceramic cowhands set out on the dressers would look good. A solid colored bedspread can easily take on a western look by simply stamping on cattle heads, bows and arrows, boots or lassos. Instead of stamping them on, you can purchase cloth appliqu├ęs that can be stitched on or attached with fabric glue. The same can be done for the curtains and throw pillows.

Since western looks often consist of browns, tans, blacks and other dark colors, use them as the main colors, and then select white or turquoise accessories for splashes of color and brightness. Or use black and white cow print fabric to make the bed set and curtains, which will give extra light to the room. Or lay white carpet, and then use carpet dye to color odd shaped spots of black for a cowhide look that will brighten the room.

Form a rope lasso and hang it on the wall, or make small ones to glue onto the front of lamps. Pole lamps can be wound with rope, or use rope to decorate the lampshade edges. Rope can also be stitched to throw rugs or pillows.

Cut out pictures of cowboys, Indians, cattle, horses and buggies to use as a border around the top of the room. Use decoupage glue to attach the pictures to lamps, nightstand tops or bureau drawers.

Since drawer knobs come in so many styles and colors now, it's easy to choose a design that reminds us of the old west. Choose a style that is turquoise, looks like entwined rope, or ones that are shaped like horses. Remove the old drawer knobs and replace with the new western ones.

Make a boot vase by setting a glass vase down in the boot and placing colorful wild flowers in it. Or cut boots to ankle height and fill with silk floral arrangements.

Buy brass rings and brass letters to make a "Circle X" sign with your own initial instead of the "X". This can be placed on the wall, glued on the headboard, or affixed to a closet door. The same can be done with old horseshoes.

Hang up stirrups, horse bits, horse whip, chaps, or cowhides to the walls. Or use wooden shapes found at any craft store to paint and hang. The shapes come in various sizes and shapes like animals, horseshoes, cactus and rattlesnakes. Paint the shapes and attach to walls, lamps and shades, doorknobs, footboards and other areas of the room.

Use an old milking stool for a plant stand, or a milking bucket turned upside down.

Print out pictures of cattle, cowboy hats and horseshoes onto clear adhesive paper. Peel and stick to mirrors. You can also glue silver metallic shapes like diamonds onto mirror corners and other items in the room

Belt buckles with western themes can be made into plaques, used for drawer handles, set into the front of cornice boards, headboards and foot boards. Look for other unique ways to add to the decor by attaching conchos or small ceramic horseshoes to the curtain tiebacks, or an arrowhead to the ceiling fan pull.

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