Decorating A Child's Room In Red

Should your child or teen ask for a bedroom decorated in red here are some ideas you can use to design a red-themed room.

Red is a wonderful vibrant color that as far as most people are concerned should not venture past the dining room when decorating. However, many kids and teens would love to have a red bedroom. Should your child ask for a bedroom decorated in red here are some ideas you can use to satisfy their request.

Pick a theme: Red is more tolerable when it is attached to a theme. For example, a rose theme would work great in a girl's room. You can purchase rose patterned wallpaper and bedding and put prints of roses on the walls. With this theme, whether you paint the walls red or not, the room will have an overall red atmosphere. For a boy, a racing theme would work well. Between the black and white racing stripes, red would make an excellent backdrop color.

Choose your reds carefully: For bedrooms, you will want to avoid vibrant blood red colors, as they can be too stimulating. Instead, reach for cranberries, burgundies, and maroons for a more subtle effect.

Make red the secondary color in the room: A red room does not need to have red walls, red bedding, red carpets and red accessories. Choose a primary color for the room other than red. The colors white and cream coordinate well with bright red. For burgundy and cranberry, taupe is an excellent accompaniment. In girls' rooms, red accents the colors pink or yellow nicely.

Use patterns: Red as a solid color on walls or bedding can by anything but restful. A red moiré fabric is far more interesting fabric for window coverings than solid red cotton. In addition, instead of painting the walls red of the room red, consider a white with red toile wallpaper with coordinating bedding and window treatments.

Just as there are rules you should follow when decorating a room using red, there also are some common errors you should avoid.

Do not mix reds: Pick a shade of red and stick to it. When you are out shopping for bedding to coordinate with your red patterned wallpaper, do not guess at the color. Take a swatch of wallpaper with you. Different shades of red in the same room will clash. If you would not wear black and navy blue together, then you probably will not want to mix cranberry and brick red.

Do not be hasty. If you are painting your walls red, please take the time to paint test swatches on your wall. Paint the shades of red you are considering in several areas of the room and live with it for a week. Take note of the effect the light at different times of the day has on the wall colors. Once you have taken the colors and their changes throughout the day into consideration, pick your final color and paint your room. If you end up picking a color you do not like, you can of course always paint over it. However, it is best to take your time and choose right the first time. The wrong color red can be very difficult to live with.

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