Decorating In A Country Style

Country style decorating is not reproducing the past, neither it is living in past. It is retaining good things of the past and blending them with the modern amenities. It is a style that is informal and comfortable.

The house full of colors, wicker, worn furniture and faded walls: this is a typical picture we get when we think of country style. Country style is not reproducing the past, neither it is living in past. It is retaining good things of the past and blending them with the modern amenities. It is a style that is informal and comfortable. It is a relaxed atmosphere, which is associated with rustic living and simple things handcrafted by artisans.

Achieving country style is easy as it has minimum rules. The aim is to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible for everyone, guests and the people in the house.

Here are few tips for achieving the fresh, uncluttered country look.

1) Color - The color plays an important role in every interior decoration. While achieving country style it is even more important. Since in the past the colors used were mostly natural dyes they were earthy colors. If we wish to have country style the choice of colors should be near to those natural colors.

Typical red that is used in country homes is terracotta or brick red. Bright red is used only for furnishings or accent pieces. Since bright red is a very overpowering color, one has to be careful while using it.

Blue and white is a favorite country combination. It is very pleasing and soothing. Total effect can be achieved by using blue and white everywhere, i.e. on the walls, furnishings, draperies etc and by adding accent pieces of different colors like red, yellow.

The only yellow used in country style is, golden orange derived from yellow ocher color.

Green and white are used in various shades but chalky white, cream and faded green are the popular shades.

To achieve the worn effect, the translucent glaze can be applied to the freshly painted wall.

2) Flooring - Flooring largely depends on the climate. Flagstone or hardwood flooring provides an excellent feel. It can be covered with rugs, mats to provide warmth and comfort during winter.

Terracotta and brick too are popular types of floorings.

Colorful and rustic area rugs add the necessary color to the interior. Coir mats too provide good insulation and can be used to achieve a raw country look.

3) Walls - Walls can be wooden or brick. If bricks or wooden walls are treated but left unpainted they look beautiful. However, for an authentic country style effect the walls must be painted. There is no color restriction as long as the colors blend with natural color palate.

The walls can be plastered unevenly to achieve texture. They can also be colored in soft lime -wash.

Walls can be decorated by freehand or stenciled, simple motifs or designs.

4) Windows - For windows anything from floral patterns to checkered pattern can be used. Bamboo curtains also add to the country look of the home. Window treatment is kept simple in the country style.

5) Furniture - To achieve the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms the furniture should be scaled to the room. The wooden furniture, minimally upholstered is preferred.

The colorful, rustic throw or a mat or a handmade quilt, draped over the furniture adds to the country charm.

The pillows with tussles and silk covers also go well with it.

6) Accessories - Wicker baskets are integral part of the country style. They can be used for Potpourri, dried shrubs and flower arrangements, fruits and even for holding a loaf of bread on the dining table. Baskets can be hung to the walls or can be kept on shelves. They can be colored or used plain.

It is important to keep minimum display items. Whatever accent pieces you have should be arranged in hutches or on shelves. Modern looking items should be placed behind the doors.

Blue and white pottery plays very important role in country style.

Bronze or copperware can be displayed as it goes well with country style.

Quilts, rugs can be hung on the walls, used on floors or furniture to add splashes of color wherever necessary.

7) Finally, in any country style it is necessary to use natural resources to their maximum. The country interior should bathe in sunshine and breeze.

It is easy to achieve a country look as long as you are consistent in applying it.

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