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Decorating a jacuzzi with mirror tiles and greenery is a great idea. You can provide a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere in one of your favorite rooms while making a craft out of it.

Do you have a Jacuzzi in your master bathroom and you cannot decide how to decorate it? I have a few interesting decorating tips for your home. Measure the distance behind your Jacuzzi to make sure there is enough space for beveled mirror tiles. Yes, believe it or not"¦beveled mirror tiles. Mirror tiles that measure 4x6 would probably work well. Depending on the amount of space you have, placing the tiles next to each other to form rows will create an attractive new look for your Jacuzzi. One thing I should mention is to purchase the correct adhesive for gluing the tiles to the wall. Remember, do not go to extremes because too many tiles could overtake your bathroom. Usually two rows of the mirror tiles will be sufficient. I would recommend allowing one inch or half an inch between the mirror tiles and the Jacuzzi.

If you still feel you need to add some pazazz to your creation, let me suggest adding some greenery below the beveled mirror tiles. Hopefully, you left enough space between the tiles and the Jacuzzi. A few things you may want to purchase ahead of time are: greenery that is six to eight feet in length, medium sized flowers, a wire cutter, and/or small birds, such as hummingbirds. Keep your selection of flowers, birds, etc., to a minimum. The goal of decorating is to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

The greenery may be inserted in the wall with regular sewing pins. The reason I recommend sewing pins is they are easy to remove from the wall, and the hole they make is not as obvious. The pin should be placed through the greenery into the wall. When doing this, make sure the pin is completely hidden by the greenery.

When placing the flowers in the greenery, make sure the stem on the flower does not extend below or above the greenery. A wire cutter will work nicely for trimming the stems to an appropriate length. Do not glue the decorations onto the greenery. By not gluing them on, you have the option of using them for other creations.

For demonstration purposes, let's say the toilet in your bathroom is positioned in a corner with a wall on one side. Decorating this wall seems to be difficult. Hanging a picture does not appear to be a good idea. If you like decorative soap and butterflies, I have a decorating tip for you!

Finding the correct size soap may become a challenge. Soap that is medium to small sized and flat on one side will work well. For example, small soap in the shape of stars or starfish would be a good choice. The number of star soap you purchase will depend on the wall. You definitely do not want to fill the entire wall, only a small section.

My suggestion would be about eight or ten soaps. Of course, these should be color coordinated with the bathroom. Once again, we need to use the sewing pins to anchor the soap to the wall. Carefully push the pin partially or halfway through the soap. It probably is a good idea to put the pin through the thickest part of the soap. Using a small kitchen hammer, lightly tap the soap into the wall. Repeat this process until all the star soaps have been anchored. Now, take a look at the creative design in your bathroom. Wow!

The soap looks lonely and plain on an empty wall. Let's add one more thing to this bathroom. It's time to do some light shopping for very small birds that usually have an attached wire. It's time to bring out the wire cutters again. Trim the wire stem very short. We do not want to stick the bird in the soap and see the wire protruding out the opposite end.

Hopefully, you purchased a very small bird for each star soap. Stick the bird in between the top two points on the star soap. Repeat this process for each star soap. Once you have finished, take a step back and evaluate your creation. It's amazing what you can do with a little creativity and imagination.

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