Decorating A Fisherman's Office With Fish Figurines

You can proudly display your collectible fish figurines in your office by using your choice of the following techniques.

Office means different things to different people. To some, it's simply work, and nothing more. To others, it's their home away from home. Most people add little personal touches around their office throughout the years - a photo of the family, a favorite coffee mug. For a fisherman who collects fish figurines, his office can be decorated to reflect his work and his hobby at the same time.

Since figurines are delicate and break easily, it's important to display them in a manner where there's little or no risk for breakage. Installing shelves around the top perimeter of the room to set the figurines on is a nice way to display them and keep them safe. If windows or other obstructions prevent the installation of the shelves, try setting up a set of corner shelves in one section of the room. The shelves can be purchased or built, and can reach from the floor to the ceiling. Place two or three figurines on each shelf.

Those who have an extremely large desk can line the edge of the desk with the figurines, but be careful not to knock them down while shuffling paperwork. To keep them from sliding easily, set each one on a piece of felt or thin foam rubber.

If there's enough room, a simple bookcase can be set in the office for displaying the fish figurines. Ones with glass fronts are even better. Two bookcases can be put together, with one on top of the other, for displaying the collectibles. Other quick display shelves, are wooden tables, benches and crates. The crates can be stacked to make a large triangle, or in another arrangement, then figurines can be set inside and on top of the crates. Or screw the crates to the wall, in a random pattern, then place the figurines. Drape fishnet over the crates and attach small shells and starfish.

Display cases which hang on the wall are perfect for small figurines. The curio cabinets usually have a door or two that open, with shelves inside for setting the statues.

If the office is huge, place a small wooden boat in the office, turned upside down and use it for displaying the figurines.

Easily build an entire wall area for display purposes by setting two bricks on the floor, laying a plank or two across them, then stacking more bricks on the ends, and stacking the next plank. Use the amount of bricks you need to raise the planks up high enough to accommodate the figurines. In place of bricks you can use stacks of fishing books, flat rocks or smaller planks of wood.

A unique way of displaying the figurines is to bring a few log sections into the office, arrange them in a corner, along a wall, or bunched together. Drape fishing net over the logs, then set the figurines around on the logs.

If the figurines are extremely large, consider just setting them around on the floor, in out-of-the-way corners or sections of the office. Group two or three large ones in each corner, with smaller ones in front of them.

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