Decorating Your Front Porch For Halloween

Want to turn your normal front porch into a spooky, haunted front porch for Halloween. Here are some tips to do just that.

Halloween is just around the corner and pretty soon, kids dressed up as fairies, robots, Spider Man and ninjas will be gracing your doorstep shouting, "Trick or Treat!" Instead of putting out that one lame Halloween wreath like you do every single Halloween, why not try these simple ideas to turn your front porch into a spooky delight?

For just a few dollars, you can invest in a bag of spider-webbing that will turn a normal porch into a haunted one. A little bit of that spider webbing goes a long way, so stretch the webbing on the rails of your porch or up in the top corners of your porch. If you have enough you can even stretch it all along your front door, so there is only a small opening for the trick or treaters to come through. Get some of those fake plastic spiders to place strategically around the webbing.

Instead of keeping your front porch light on, replace your normal bulb with a purple or green or red bulb to give your front porch an eerie feel. Even if this is the only thing you do differently this year, this can make all the difference. Or you can forego your front porch light altogether and illuminate with eerie candles. You can line your sidewalk and front porch with pillar candles or luminaries. Luminaries are extremely easy to make. Get a brown paper bag (the kind you would pack a kid's lunch in) and fill with a small layer of sand. Place a tea light or small pillar candle inside (wedged into the sand) and light. For an extra Halloween kick, cut out a scary jack-o-lantern face onto the brown paper bag for an eerie effect. Be extremely careful when using candles. Make sure to never leave them unattended, especially if they are close to your grass.

Halloween is not Halloween without some carved pumpkins. Just buy a large pumpkin and find a pumpkin carving pattern online (many of them can be downloaded for free). Place these strategically around your porch and place a candle inside for the scary glowing effect.

If you have some extra white sheets hanging around, you can easily makes ghosts out of them. Lay them flat and put some stuffing (cotton balls or a balled up sheet) in the center of the sheet. Pull the four corners of the sheet together and tie a rubber band or string around the stuffing on the sheet to create a ghost head. You can tie a string to the top of the ghost head and hang on your trees or off the front porch. However, keep them a safe distance from any lit candles, luminaries or pumpkins so the ends of the sheet do not catch fire.

Last but not least, invest in a Halloween scary sounds tape, which you can find at most grocery stores. These tapes usually have ghost sounds, werewolf sounds and eerie music which will do a great job giving your trick or treaters the creeps. Have the tape playing on repeat while you hand out your treats to the trick or treaters. Of course, you can get really elaborate and rent a fog machine or a strobe light, but on Halloween night, a dark house lit only with candles will definitely do the trick!

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