Decorating With Houseplants

You can effectively use houseplants to provide color and style to highlight your homes best features or cover up the problem areas.

You can effectively use houseplants to provide color and style to highlight your home's best features or cover up the problem areas you don't want anyone to notice. Houseplants can be used in a variety of ways to add to your existing decorative style or create a new focal point. Plants can also be used to emphasize a decorative element in your room.


Every room needs a center of attention but sometimes even if a room has a stunning piece of furniture or an elaborate oversized rug, a room can be lacking something to provide emphasis to that focal point.

A large plant or grouping several houseplants together can create an impressive focal point. Think of choosing a large palm Howeia Foresteriana in a container that blends with your room's color scheme. Ficus Benjamina is a common yet still popular choice for an entranceway or softening a stark kitchen with a vibrant focal point.

For the most dramatic contrast in a monochromatic room, look at the different color variations and separate the other plants to highlight that particular plant. Consider using a Hippeastrum, Peacock plant or flowering Azalea for maximum effect.


Houseplants are an excellent way to disguise areas of your home that you wish would fade away. For example, If you like your window and treatments but despise the view out the window use several plantings to cover up the eyesore. Use shelving and pedestals to create different heights and levels to display your plantings. Hang an impressive basket to hang a fern or cascading ivy from the ceiling to hide the upper view out the window.

If your room has an unsightly ceiling you can keep the eye focused lower by hanging a row of plants or basket containers. Choose plants that are easy to keep up like Tradescantia or Philodendron.

Look for unusual places to add a houseplant that can enhance your decor like an unused fireplace or in front of an old unsightly radiator.


Look for houseplants that fit the style of your home. Bonsai plants have an ancient feel as well as White Orchids and Caladiums, giving your room mystery and an exotic flavor. If your home is decorated in the Mediterranean style you may want to choose Howeia Foresteriana, Bamboo plant or Dizgotheca Elegantissima, which boasts a tall central stem with oblong shiny green leaves. The Yucca plant also looks wonderful in a Mediterranean, Spanish or Southwestern decorated home.

A romantic country or Victorian styled bedroom can be set off with Fatsia Japonica, Lavendar or Tolmiea Menziesii. Miniature Roses come in a wide variety of colors and can add a splash of romance to your bedroom retreat.


Although there are a large variety of houseplants that are available all year around, using a seasonal plant as a holiday decoration can be a fun decorative accent as well.

From late to early spring planting Crocus, Hyacinths, Amaryllis, Tulips, Daffodils and Narcussi in our homes can bring nature's spring freshness inside.

An early summer basket of Gloxinias are available in rich color with velvety trumpet-shaped leaves. and lend a formal feel to a simply furnished dining room. This season is a good time to plant an herb container garden to set off your kitchen with fragrances to compliment the canning season.

An autumn jack-o-lantern decoration can be highlighted with red trumpeted Thalia or Orange Crysanthimums. While a Poinsettia grouped with candles will put any home in a festive seasonal mood.

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