Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

If you are looking for ways to decorate your bathroom, read these tips and ideas.

There are many different types of bathrooms out there: Big and small; simple and fancy; traditional and modern. When it comes to decorating, there are lots of ways you can be creative, no matter what kind of bathroom you have. These decorating tips will work for most bathrooms. While my own bathroom is pretty small and simple, I sometimes fantasize about owning a big, fancy one, until it comes time to clean it, that is!

When I decorate, I like to think of things that will not only affect the look and feel of the bathroom, but also improve its functionality as well. For instance, using storage that creates space, but that's also hidden as décor. Speaking of creating space, the first thing I like to do before tackling any project is to do a little de-cluttering. It will be easier to spark your imagination as well as maneuver if your space is clean and you're not feeling claustrophobic. So go ahead and go through your cabinets and the surfaces of your bathroom; get rid of anything that would be better off in the garbage, or at least in another room. Also, make sure your surfaces are clean, so you're not just decorating over dust or grime.

One of the first things I look at are the walls. Ask yourself, do I like the colors? A fresh coat of paint in a new color is a good way to instantly change the feel of any room. If you like the paint, consider adding a border along the wall either near the ceiling, or halfway between the ceiling and the floor. The self-adhesive boarders are easy to use and work well. Another thing you can do is find a self-adhesive border with big designs, cut the designs out and create your own pattern on the wall either as a border or as a kind of mural on a small section of the wall. If you have enough wall space, a simple shelf above the toilet can serve for function, décor or both. To finish, hang a pretty picture or two, but keep it simple; you don't want to over-crowd your walls.

With the walls done, look up. Is there anything your ceiling can do for you? If your bathroom is small and you don't have a lot of storage space, install a simple plant hook into a corner of the ceiling and use it to for a hanging basket normally used in the kitchen to hold fruit. In it, you can put some neatly rolled up hand towels and washcloths, extra soap and toiletries. Just make sure this doesn't become a catchall; keep the arrangement attractive. You could also use these hooks to hang a couple of pieces, using twine, such as colorful fish or the like, depending on the theme of your décor; again, with this, keep it simple. Use your judgment to determine how low the decorations should hang; you don't want people hitting their head on them as they walk through the room.

Next, let's look at the vanity, particularly the mirror first. If you have a fairly large mirror, consider buying some pretty window clings to place around the edges, or even just along the top. You could even find some silk flowers to tuck into the edge of your mirror along the top.

For the vanity itself, what you can do will depend on the size of your countertop. If you have a fairly small countertop, the most important thing to do is to keep the clutter off of it. If you can, store toothbrushes and tumbler in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer. A simple but pretty soap dish to hold your soap, or a decorative pump for liquid soap, should be all that is needed on a small countertop. If you want to get more fancy and you have a little more room, add a small glass with a single fresh flower of your choice; this is simple, but classy.

If you have a larger countertop, you have more options. Remember, however, not to get too carried away; this will just give the room a cluttered feel. You can add a basket with soaps and rolled up hand towels and maybe a candle or two. If you want, you can buy a matching set with soap dish, toothbrush holder and tumbler; these can be arranged on either side of the sink. Line up a few attractive bottles with bubble bath, bath salts or oils. Put out a vase with a few fresh or silk flowers. If you have the space, you can set on your countertop anything that suits your fancy, as long as it doesn't look cluttered. Experiment with different things. If you're like me, you will probably change it all the time, and that's fine, too, as long as it stays within the atmosphere that you're trying to convey.

No one usually sees what's inside the drawers and doors, but it's important to keep things neat for functionality. Even though you can't see inside when you walk in the room, just knowing that everything's in order will give you peace of mind. If you have a lot of cabinet space under the sink, try putting the wastepaper basket there instead of out on the floor. It truly is amazing how little changes like this can truly make a room look bigger.

Going on to the toilet, I like to keep it simple. Keeping with the theme you chose, you may decide to put lid covers on your seat and tank. Just keep in mind these will have to be washed fairly often to keep things sanitary. Aside from a cover, try not to put things on the top of the tank. You never know when you're going to have a situation where you need to get the lid off, sometimes in a hurry. You may find it annoying to have to remove everything when you run into one of those situations, so it's best to just keep that area clear.

Other things you may want to do to spice up your bathroom are adding rugs, a pretty shower curtain, or perhaps a shelf in the corner that can serve as both storage and a means of décor. If you need more cabinet space, you may want to invest in an over-the-toilet cabinet. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to assemble.

No matter what your tastes, there are plenty of ways to get your bathroom more in tune with them. Bathrooms need the functionality for the morning rush, yet be relaxing for unwinding at the end of the day, and these tips can serve both purposes. I hope these tips have sparked your creativity and have helped you on the road to creating the bathroom décor of your dreams.

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