Decorating Tips: Stylish Paper Recycling Bin Ideas

Learn how to create a stylish paper recycling bin for your home using one of the ideas in this guide.

If you have plans to add a paper recycling bin in your home, you may be tempted to use the first empty box you find in the garage""big mistake. Since your recycling bin will presumably become a long-term addition to your home, it's important to make it fit in with the rest of your homes décor. Read on for several stylish paper recycling bin ideas.

Oil Cloth- Give your kitchen a splash of color by creating an oil cloth clad recycling bin. Visit your local fabric store for a wide selection of vintage oil cloth prints ranging from florals to fruits. Then, simply select a cardboard box that's large enough to accommodate your paper recyclables, and go to work wrapping the box in the oil cloth. Since oil cloth has a slick, plastic-like surface, it can be wiped down with a damp cloth whenever necessary.

Storage bench- If you're looking for a clever way to hide your recyclables from view, a storage bench may be just the thing. Your local furniture and discount stores should have a wide selection of storage benches to choose from, so just look around until you find one that suits the décor in your kitchen. Then, simply stow your recyclables inside, and enjoy the extra seating that the bench brings to your kitchen.

Vintage tin- Add a little retro style to your kitchen by using a vintage tin to hold your paper recyclables. Vintage bread boxes and other similarly sized tins are perfectly suited to the task of neatly storing your papers. Plus, as an added bonus they're also stylish enough to place out on the counter in plain view. Check your local yard sales, flea markets and antique stores until you find the tin that is right for you.

Faux wicker basket- If you like the look of wicker storage baskets, but hate the hefty price tags that seem to go with them, try this simple solution: Purchase four woven placemats from your local discount store, and use them to cover the sides of a cardboard box to create your very own wicker recycling bin. (For the best results, use a can of spray mount to secure the placemats in place.)

Tennis ball caddy- It may sound strange, but a tennis ball caddy can be just as handy in the home as it is on the court. Pick up a new or used ball caddy in the color of your choice, and then set it up somewhere in your kitchen. The wire ball basket provides the perfect catch-all for your paper recyclables, and looks awfully cute standing on its thin wire legs. Plus, as an added bonus, the legs collapse to create handles for carrying your recyclables to the curb.

Crate- Old crates provide a colorful and durable container for paper recyclables. Spend a little time searching yard sales and flea markets until you find a crate that is large enough to handle your paper recycling needs. If you only need a minimal amount of storage space, an old soda crate will work perfectly. Just remove the wooden dividers from inside the crate, and it's ready for use. If you need a bit more storage space, an old fruit or vegetable crate may be a better match to your needs.

Your paper recycling bin may only be a place to store discarded newspapers, but that doesn't mean it has to look that way. Spend a little time coming up with a stylish recycling bin that fits in with the rest of your home's decorating scheme.

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