Decorative Bubble Mailers

By Carole Vansickle

  • Overview

    Have you ever found yourself in the UPS store getting ready to mail a fragile package and thinking, "this bubble wrap sure is boring." Well, you will never have to think that again. Now you can dress up all of your breakables with decorative bubble mailers that incorporate the spirit of giving in a delightful array of colors and styles. However, make sure you are still buying adequate protection for your valuables by checking out all the information on decorative bubble mailers before you wrap up your goodies and send them out.
  • Function

    Bubble mailers are ultimately intended to protect breakable items. However, decorative bubble mailers work more style into their design and appearance. They are intended to replace wrapping paper and still protect your fragile gifts and treasures.
    No matter what the occasion, smiley faces brighten the day.
  • Features

    Decorative bubble mailers come in nearly every size that traditional bubble mailers come in. Usually they are roughly the size of a piece of paper or smaller, and can hold items such as CDs, DVDs or fairly flat figurines. However, they should not be used to pack bulky items because the mailer is not rigid and can still be crushed. Decorative bubble mailers have pleasant designs on their outside rather than being the conventional manila.

  • Types

    Decorative bubble mailers vary only in their designs rather than in function. Popular designs include yellow smiley faces, birthday themes like presents or cakes, and celebration themes like cocktail glasses or flipflops and umbrella drinks.
  • Benefits

    The biggest benefit that a decorative bubble mailer has over the traditional mailer is the element of surprise. Most people do not expect an exciting theme on their mail, but rather anticipate that the wrapping will be inside a bubble mailer instead of on it. By sending a decorative bubble mailer, you make your item and yourself more memorable.
  • Misconceptions

    Many people think that you can mail just about anything that will fit in a decorative bubble mailer safely in such a mailer. However, this is not true. Bubble mailers, decorative or otherwise, are easily crushed, so your object needs to be resistant to crushing, such as a tape or a picture. If it is extremely fragile, a decorative bubble mailer or a regular bubble mailer will probably not be sufficient protection, and you will need to take the next step to a large box filled with styrofoam peanuts.
  • Warning

    While decorative bubble mailers do make packages more memorable, use discretion when sending them. They will not make a package appear professional or discreet. To avoid making a poor impression, use conventional shipping tools when sending official packages for work or other professional business.
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