Decorative Ceilings For A Child's Room

Decorative ceilings for children room. Simple steps to creating beautiful and fun ceilings in your child's room - soft puffy clouds, sparkling stars, colorful rainbows.

I had worked very hard in my children's rooms. I wanted my two boys to be comfortable and feel that that was their special space.

I painted, hung wallpaper borders, laid carpeting, bought matching bed ensembles, curtains and linens. And when their rooms were done we were all very happy - except for one thing. The ceiling. With all of the time, effort and work I had put into decorating their rooms the notion of a plain, painted flat white ceiling was very unappealing. I even went so far as to lay down in their beds and on the floor to stare up at it imagining what could be done to make it special - like the rest of the room.

I didn't want to make it too busy or colorful and take away from the coordinating decorating efforts I had made but I just wanted to do something, something special. My oldest son loves stars so I decided to paint some starts on his ceiling. I got some silver colored acrylic paint and set to work. But, after completing one start it looked sort of dreary. It didn't sparkle like stars do. So I began to brainstorm. What would add that extra sparkle, that added glitter? GLITTER! I mixed some of the paint with about half a tube of sliver glitter and painted another star.

It was beautiful! And my son loves it too. Sometimes when he's lying in bed at night I can even hear him singing, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

I decided to do the same sort of thing on the ceiling in my younger son's room. I had done stars and a "night" theme in my oldest's room so I planned on a "day" theme for this room. I painted the ceiling a very pale blue and with a pencil lightly drew the outlines of puffy, white clouds. Again, I wanted something special and I didn't think plain, white paint would give me the effect I was searching for. So, I decided to go for texture. I mixed taping compound with an equal amount of paint and with a thick, coarse paintbrush created swooping swirls of puffy clouds overhead. Admittedly, it did take some time to dry completely but when it did the affect was fabulous!

Use you imagination. Make stars or puffy clouds of your own. You don't have to even be a very good artist. Try a colorful rainbow. Add mutli colored or gold glitter. Make it special. Make your children's rooms a fun place for them to be!

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