About Dell Printer Ink Retailers in Norman, Oklahoma

By Liz Turner

  • Overview

    If you're looking for Dell printer ink retailers in Norman, Oklahoma, you probably are looking for a way to get your Dell printer cartridge refilled. There are a couple of different ways to do this.
  • Cartridge World

    Cartridge World is a franchise leader in refilling and remanufacturing empty printer cartridges. The company's website states that it refills all major brands, including HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark and Epson. However it is recommended that you bring your cartridge into the store to check, or call first to find out if it can be refilled. Cartridge World in Norman, Okla., is located at 621 12th Ave. N.E. Suite 110.
  • Walgreens

    Walgreens began installing printer refill stations in their stores a few years ago. Also advertising Dell as one of the brands for which refills are available, the website states that the specific Dell models available are the 7Y743, 7Y745, J5566, J5567, M4640, M4646, N5878, N5882, T0529, T0530, MJ264, MK990, MK992, JF333, KF868, MK991and MK993. Only two of the three Walgreens in Norman offer printer refills: the branches at 100 12th Ave. N.E., and 700 24th Ave. N.W.

  • Refill Kits

    Purchasing a refill kit with instructions will allow you to fill your Dell cartridge yourself. Some office supply stores sell refill kits, but your best bet is to go online. Sites such as 4inkjets and 123inkjets (see Resources below) sell refill kits; just search for your particular model, and the websites will show you kits that will work with your cartridges.
  • Buy Replacement Cartridges

    You can always buy new cartridges for the printer. There are a few locations in Norman that sell Dell-brand replacement cartridges, including Wal-Mart and Office Max. Or, to save money, you can purchase third-party replacement cartridges. Again, this may involve ordering online, but there are significant price savings.
  • Look Beyond Dell

    Dell printers are manufactured by Lexmark, so even if you are unable to find replacement Dell cartridges in Norman, many cartridges that will work in Lexmark printers will work in Dells as well. Office Max, for example, sells compatible cartridges that work in both Lexmark and Dell printers. Just read the box carefully to ensure that the cartridge will work in your model printer.
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