Dermatitus Care For Skin Trouble

Dermatitus care for skin trouble. There are lots of lumps, bumps and other skin problems.

All of us have some skin problems at one time or another starting when we are a newborn. As a newborn one could have lots of minor rashes, blotches, spots, blisters and tiny bumps. The majority of these are just normal. At about one month up to forty percent of babies get strawberry marks (birthmarks), these can look like bright red marks on the surface of the skin or deep blue or purple marks just under the surface. These usually grow till about ten months then start shrinking and disappear by about age five to seven. These strawberry marks are very rarely a problem to a baby's health. If a lot of these strawberry marks occur you might want to consult your pediatrician.

A birthmark as you get older may refer either to a congenital mole (nevus) or to hemangioma (a kind of small blood vessel tumor of the skin). Moles are found in a great variety of forms and sizes; nearly everyone has one or more of them. Some are only the size of a pinhead, others are several inches in diameter. Their color is usually brown or black, but some are fawn, redish, or bluish-black. Most moles do not harm unless they are irritated. Danger signs are when moles increase in size, become darker in color, or become more irritable. The pigmented mole rather than the hairy one is the one most likely to cause serious trouble. Hemangioma are tangles are blood vessels so near the surface that they show. The main types are the deep-red (port-wine), the strawberry, and those elevated above the skin. One type called the spider nevi usually appears on the face below the eyes and appears as radiating lines of blood vessels from a central spot.

Warts are found in several different forms and are probably caused by a filtrable virus. Thus, many warts may start from a "mother" wart, usually on the hand. Sometimes they will vanish without treatment. Warts rarely become malignant, but you should consult your doctor about their removal. Untreated, two thirds of warts will disappear on their own after about two years. If they bleed or are disfiguring, painful or itchy, you can try getting rid of them with an over the counter topical medication, or have your doctor or dermatologist freeze or burn them or prescribe an oral prescription drug.

Freckles usually develop in persons with light complexions. They may be found on various parts of the body, but are more common on the face and back of the hand. They usually appear after the fifth year of life and attain their maximum size by adolescence. There is no known remedy for removing them permanently, and serious scarring often results from attempts to remove them. Some fade as you age, others may be camouflaged with cosmetics.

Most adolescents have pimples when they have reached the age of puberty. Blackheads are plugged up sebum at the pores of the sebaceous glands. Excessive growth of the horny layers of the skin at this point may be a primary cause. Their blackness is due to exposure to air and to dead cells, and not to dirt. Persons with oily skins have more blackheads than those with dry ones. The best preventive of blackheads is adequate sleep and rest, a well-balanced diet, plenty of fresh air and extreme cleanliness. They may be removed with a metal extractor after the skin has been carefully washed with soap and warm water and treated by application of hot clothes. Care should be taken to sterilize the extractor before and after use to avoid infection.

The most common form of acne is pimples, which are small skin lesions containing pus. The several varietie of acne are all due to the over production of the oil or sebaceous secretions associated with the appearance of sex hormones during the adolescent period. At this time the fat glands with sebum undergo a rapid development. If they become clogged and infected pimples will appear. Acne, more common with boys than girls, usually dsappears by the age of 25, but in some instances is present for a much longer time. Diet is often the responsible agent in causing acne. One of the best measures to control acne is to wash the face gently at least three times a day with warm water and soap or detergents, and to avoid all crems or greases on the face.

Impetigo is a skin disorder that is characterized by scaly sores or blisters which are very itchy. It is caused by certain bacteria and not by a fungus. sales or crusts sread rapidly over the scalp, face, neck, and so forth. When the reddist blister ruptures it dries with a yellow crust. This skin disorder is very contagious and requires thorough washing of the skin with soap and water to prevent spreading. The doctoros usually applies antiseptic ointments ot treat the infection. A variant form of impetigo is called barber's itch becaue it is often acquired in barber shops.

Scabies, is called the "old fashion itch.". It is caused by a small mite (Acarus) which burrows into the skin to deposit its eggs. It produces a very severe itching usually between the fingers and toes, under the arm pits, in the groin, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The itching is more intense at night time. Consult your doctor for medication to control this pest and also be sure to change your clothing and bed linen daily to help prevent reinfection.

Hives are little pinkish or white elevations (wheals) on the skin surface. They may cover the entire body and sometimes are found in the mouth. Hives can be a form of allergy, consult your doctor as he can perform allergy tests to determine the cause. The skin may be bathed with a solution of bicarbonate of soda or rubbed with mineral or olive oil or other soothing application.

Prickly heat can occur in children and adults who sweat profusely. It is caused by clogged-up sweat glands resulting from summer heat, excessive clothing, or other causes. Wearing light clothing and avoiding soap in cleaning the skin are helpful. Application of talcum powder or a soda bath are very soothing to children. In severe cases calamine lotions are used.

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