About Dermawand

By Nacie Carson

  • Overview

    DermaWand is a nonsurgical beauty appliance that helps stimulate blood circulation and collagen production in skin through mild electrical pulses. It is an at-home facial treatment that claims to remove wrinkles, age spots, large pores, puffy eyes, dull skin and fine lines, to yield a youthful complexion. It is sold through various shopping websites and on the company's corporate site for about $100.
  • Function

    The DermaWand is marketed to women who are looking for an alternative to both cosmetic surgery or an expensive spa facial routine. The wand is a small, electrically powered hand-held device that gives off electrical pulses at a rate of 168,000 cycles per second, mimicking the electrotherapy treatment many spa facials now include in their regimen. Electricity has been clinically shown to increase blood circulation in the veins of the top dermis layers, which tend to slow or recess deeper into the skin over time. Increased blood flow means the skin has renewed access to oxygen and nutrients carried in the bloodstream, which helps the skin hold more color, produce more collagen, heal and hydrate itself better. The result is firmer, more radiant and clearer skin. DermaWand is meant to be used morning and night for 3-minute sessions.
  • Features

    While the DermaWand is sold by itself, it is more commonly purchased as part of the larger manufacturer's skin care regime. This set includes the DermaWand, instructional video guide, skin care book and four topical creams meant to be used in concert with the DermaWand, including a pretreatment cream.

  • Advantages

    The DermaWand system offers customers many advantages, such as a way to provide treatment to mature skin without abrasive chemicals. Similarly, it is very economically priced, especially in comparison with the spa and cosmetic treatments it is attempting to replace. Also, the appliance comes with a 30-day manufacturer-guaranteed warranty and return policy, offering customers a no-risk time frame to test the product at home.
  • Disadvantages

    However, as with all cosmetic appliances, customer satisfaction with the product is varied. The most common complaint about the DermaWand suggests that the 30-day trial period was not long enough to truly see results. The product has also received a poor reputation among certain beauty specialists, as its predominant method of advertising is through infomercials, a venue commonly perceived as featuring low-quality products. Another growing concern about the device is that the amount of ozone pollutants emitted by the electric bulb and the potential effects they could have on the environment and human body.
  • Competitors

    DermaWand's market competitors include the Aloette skin recovery system, Lumitone freckle-removing and skin toning cream, GeniSphere anti-wrinkle formula and the Cell Rx product suite.
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