Web Design Basics: All About Gif Animation

What is gif animation and how to make, find and use it.

What is GIF animation?

GIF animation is a type of computer file ending in the letters .gif. These types of files are animation files in which the words or pictures contained in the file move. Like all animation, GIF files are usually made up of several still pictures that are then played together forming the animation that we see as motion.

How do I make a GIF animation file?

To make a GIF animation file requires that you make more than one similar picture that will be put together to form the animation. To do this, you must first select either a picture or test to use. You then open a program such as MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, or other graphics program and begin working on the first picture. In order for GIF animations to work properly, anything that is in the frame must be placed in the exact same place in each frame. This takes a lot of practice. One way that helps with this is to save a template with which you can make the subtle changes between frames and then save each frame with a different file name.

After you have created two or more subsequent frames, it is time to put them together. In order to do this, you must have a program that allows for the creation of animations. One popular program for this is Jasc Animation shop. This program is one of the easier ones for a beginner to use. There is an icon that is called the animation wizard and this wizard walks the user through the animation creation step by step. The user gets to choose the speed with which the frames move, the amount of times that the animation repeats, and the more. Caution must be taken to put the frames in the correct order or the animation will not flow.

What is GIF animation used for?

GIF animation is useful for several things. One of the most popular uses in today's internet usage is in the form of "blinkies." These blinkies are small squares of text, graphics, or both that flash and express a user's feelings, beliefs, occupation, and more. Another use for this type of animation is to create small cartoons. Some people even use small GIF animations just to spice up their e-mails or other internet correspondence.

GIF animations have given new life to the internet world. People have increasingly begun to use GIF animations to express themselves on forums that they post on, their own internet websites, and through e-mail.

Where can I find GIF animations?

GIF animations can be found in a wide variety of places. Doing a simple search for GIF animations will bring up many websites that contain pre-made animations. Some of these sites are free to use and others require a membership fee to be able to use their animations. A search for blinkies will also come up with many sites where you can adopt blinkies that others have made.

Making and using GIF animations can be fun for everyone. Making them provides a sense of satisfaction for some and others are happier when adopting them from others. Creating a GIF file can be time consuming, but well worth the efforts the user puts into them.

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