Design Your Own Band Logo

By Shelly McRae

  • Overview

    Whatever style of music your band plays, you want your logo to serve as an expression of that style. Like your band, you want your logo to be unique and, ultimately, to be recognizable to the public as a part of your band's signature style. A band logo needs to be flexible. It needs to be adaptable for use on websites, letterheads, fliers and business cards. It needs to be able to be used for signage on buses and billboards. If all goes well, your logo will be seen on T-shirts, caps and all manner of merchandise.
    • Step 1

      Adopt one of the most effective forms of band logos: shaping the band's name in stylized lettering. In a computer-imaging program, sketch out your band's name is basic block letters.
    • Step 2

      Manipulate each letter, stretching out some parts and tightening others. Keep each letter recognizable so your band's name can be read easily. Keep the distance between letters at a minimum.
    • Step 3

      Once you've created a shape you like, make several copies of it on the workspace of your program.
    • Step 4

      Change the colors of the letters, filling in the letter shapes. Try a variety of different ideas, such as making all the letters one color and outlined in black, or making each a different shade of the same color, or making each letter a completely different color.
    • Step 5

      Keep in mind that the colors you choose should represent the nature of your music. For example, if you play vintage rock and roll, psychedelic colors would be appropriate. Once you've developed a color scheme, add some flair. Put in a few stripes on one letter--either the last letter of the first word or the first letter of the last word. Try different ideas until you find a pattern you like.
    • Step 6

      Save your working logo in .jpeg format and at high resolution. Use low-resolution copies for web pages. Higher-resolution copies should be used for print copies. For signage and merchandise, save a high-resolution copy to a disk and take it to a print professional for application.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy

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