How to Design Your Own Lacrosse Jersey

Although you might think winning is everything, looks still matter. An attractive team jersey will help a lacrosse team play more confidently, fans will rally around a team with an identifiable logo and opposing squads will take a team more seriously if the team looks sharp. For all of these reasons, designing your own team's lacrosse jersey is a good investment. Not only is a custom design useful, it is easy to do.

List of Items Needed

  • Paper
  • Colored Markers
  • Design company
  1. Choose your jersey type. There are a number of acceptable types of lacrosse jerseys. The most traditional form is the basic t-shirt shape, however, you can also design team 'pinnies,' which are sleeveless jerseys made of light fabric. Traditional jerseys are more common for games and pinnies more common for practices. Decide which kind you want -- or choose both.

  2. Choose a logo or mascot. The logo can be as simple as your team's name, club or school affiliation. The logo can also be a mascot, including animals (real or imaginary), characters, such as pirates, or a symbol, like a sun or a star. If you need suggestions, look at your competitors' jerseys and poll your teammates' ideas. Draw your idea down on paper.

  3. Choose the colors. If your team does not already have team colors, decide what color combinations would be the most distinctive and appropriate. This decision could involve looking at rival teams' color schemes and choosing something bold and different. Popular color schemes are blue/red/white, black/yellow/white, green/white, and purple/black. Draw and color in the jersey design.

  4. Pick a production company to produce jerseys for your team. There are many companies that specialize in lacrosse jerseys. They can accommodate almost any specific requests, and they also offer artwork and images that you can use for logos or mascots. Online companies such as, and all offer customized lacrosse jerseys.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ask your teammates what kind of jersey they would like, what the color scheme should be, and what the mascot or logo should look like. A team is much more likely to accept a new jersey design if players feel they were consulted throughout the design process.
  • Make sure you do not use copyrighted images for your logo or mascot.

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