Web Page Design Tips: How To Create A Web Page

Looking to create your first web page? In need of design tips? Here is all the information you need to get started.

I have often thought it would be a great idea to create my own personal website on the net for everyone to see and learn a little about me and my own little corner of the world.

I thought it was beyond my technical know how and an area reserved for the IT (information technology) experts of the world.

I began to investigate the world of website creation and found such interesting terms such as HTML and JAVA programming were around every corner.

If you have the programming know how you can create your site but then you have to find a service that will host your it on their server .....for a price of course.

But to my delight I also found website services that not only will host your completed website for free,but will also provide you with the means of creating it even if you have absolutly no experience in website creation.

The website I have the most experience with is Freeservers,but there are many more like Homestead etc.

They provide you with a selection of templates to choose from that allow you to determine the basic look and feel of your site and a multitude of accessories to assist in personalizing it to your paticular taste.

If you have the ability to point and click then you should have no difficulty in creating an interesting and creative personal website.

No technical know how is required to use their "easy builder" process of creating your site,however if you do have some programming skills,they also provide you the option of starting from scratch and inserting your own HTML coding in your webcreation.

I would suggest for someone with no skills to use the "easy builder" process to get started and some(at least the two of the aforementioned that I am familiar with)allow you to jump back and forth between using straight HTML coding and "easy builder".

This is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of HTML coding and a little experimenting can produce some cool results.

Try doing a search on one of the search engines for HTML copy and paste for whatever special effect you want to add to your site.(music,curser trailer effect etc.)

Do a search for midi files if you want to add music to your site.

If you find the music you are looking for try inserting this HTML code into the '' section of your page.


The "whatever" part is the name part of the midi file.

If you find somewhat lengthy HTML coding for the effects you are trying to create then it is much easier to use the copy and paste feature of your computer to apply the HTML scripting to your page.

Another usefull tool I have used is to find an interesting website with effects that interest me and click "view" on the top of your browser.

This will display all the HTML coding for everything on the page and is actually how I found out how to add music to my site.

The only drawback I have found, with the Freeserver site at least, is that when you start with the "easy builder" and then edit using straight HTML,if you then make changes with the "easy builder" editor then you will lose the HTML coding you previously entered!

Then again these are free service sites and for that price they provide an excellent service.

For new comers to the internet looking for a way to stake their own little territory on the World Wide Web

they are invaluable.

Depending on the time you want to spend on your site creation, with a little websearching and good old copy and paste you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.

When you finally get that great work of art completed then it is time to let the world see it.

There are many free website url submission sites on the web and the very sites that provide the free website tools you have been using also likely provide for free url submission to various search engines.

Before you submit your site to the search engines though,make sure you have created and inserted the proper "metatags"into your page.

These are special words the search engines look for when listing your site and are very important if you want to receive some exposure.

If you don't know what they are or how to create them,then you can find free metatag generators on the net by doing a search and then copying and pasting the results to your mainpage.

When you have completed this then you are ready to have your site submitted to the various search engines for listing and in no time your creation may be being viewed by people around the world.

So claim your own little piece of cyberspace and start building your own personal website now.

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