Does Designing A Landscape Require A Lot Of Planning?

Does designing a landscape require a lot of planning? Landscape design does not require a great deal of planning. In fact, a landscape designer may start out with a certain mental picture, but end up with something entirely different by the time he begins to implement the landscaping.

It does not. People feel that in order to create an environment and great design, they need to have an overall picture and that's not true. A good design on any level does not have to be finished by the person that started the project. Just like raising children, you don't know exactly what your kids are going to be like when they are 15 or 20. So, what are you doing is changing as you go along. The same thing is true of landscaping. If I design the front of your house, as a good designer I should be able to come in and go to the back of your house and not have even talked about it with you until you are ready to do it. It does not mean that is what you have to do. You may want to have a sense of what would be involved, how it might go together, but you do not need to do that to come up with a plan for one area and then make it come together later on. People renovate their homes all the time. Does that mean that the architect who came in to design the renovation had to be the one that built it? No. Another architect can renovate your kitchen and not touch your living room, but still make it go together. The same is true with a doctor. Just because he was not there when you where born, it does not mean he cannot fix what's wrong today.

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