Designing Your Own Shoes With Dyeable Shoes

Design your own shoes by selecting a style in dyeable fabric with great details, and wear them in the perfect color for you.

Have you ever been on a shopping trip where none of the store merchandise is quite what you are looking for?Of course you have.When it comes to shoes, an easy and inexpensive solution to this dilemma is dyeing.You can get the look you want simply by selecting a pair of dyeable shoes and designing them to fit any mood, occasion, or outfit.Whether you wear them as casual shoes, dress shoes, or sport them only on the most special of occasions, dyed shoes can perfectly complete your outfit.

Dyeable shoes come in a variety of style and fabric choices that are surprisingly unlimited.Begin by selecting shoes that are specifically manufactured with the intention of being dyed.Many shoes are made from fabrics that will repel rather than absorb water and therefore, dye.Some shoes are also treated with a scotch guard that will protect the shoe from becoming soiled, but it will also prevent the shoe from dyeing properly.Look for manufacturers like Coloriffics, Dyeables, Touch Ups, or Colorful Creations, who specialize in dyeable shoes.Many designer brands have a dyeable shoe collection.These shoes are made in dyeable fabrics like satin, silk satin, crepe, and boca.In addition to being available in a variety of fabrics, dyeable shoes are also available with a variety of detail from embroidery to beading, rhinestones, ribbons, or vinyl.Shop for shoes that are made to be dyed, look for the fabric that has the texture you want, and be charmed by the details.

Choose the fabrics and styles that appeal to you and are most suitable for your occasions.Whether you prefer sandals, tennis shoes, Mary Janes, platform shoes, or high heels, the style you want is available in a dyeable fabric today.After you've completed your search for the perfect prom dress, bridesmaid dresses, or bridal gown, the next challenge you face is finding the right shoes.For these occasions, you will probably want to select a formal dyeable shoe style.

Once you have selected your dyeable shoes, you can purchase a fabric shoe dye kit and carefully follow the kit's instructions to do it yourself. A swatch of your shoe's fabric can be dyed as a test to make sure you get the desired result.However, because achieving a color that is precisely right can be tricky, choosing to have your shoes dyed professionally is also an option you should consider.When purchasing dyeable shoes, inquire about in-store dying services.Additionally, most shoe repair stores will provide a dyeing service.Expect the price of having your shoes dyed professionally to vary between five and twenty dollars.

Carefully consider your color choices.In addition to the store's light or natural light, make sure to examine colors in the light which you will be wearing your shoes.Choose a color that will closely match your outfit or you can choose a color that will complement your outfit in other ways.While it is the most obvious option, don't feel like you have to get your shoes dyed the same color as your dress.For example, you could be a bit creative, and yet stay a bit more neutral, by choosing a silver dye to compliment a blue dress.

Even if you purchase your dyeable shoes for a one time use at a special occasion, you can wear them again and make them last.In order to incorporate them more easily into your wardrobe, you can redye your shoes a darker color (like black) after the occasion.When dyeable fabric gets wet, it will stain or run because it is not waterproof, so keep your shoes looking great by avoiding the rain.You can also request that your shoes be treated with a water repellent, but they cannot be dyed again after the treatment.Design your own dyeable shoes, and then enjoy them for a long time to come.

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