Designs For A Contemporary Bedroom Facelift

Designs for a contemporary bedroom facelift. Quick and easy ideas to give your bedroom a new look and ways, and add comfort and warmth.

The change of season always seems to bring a change of d├ęcor in our homes, but unfortunately, the one room we should cherish most - the bedroom - suffers from "redecoration stagnation." Probably because we focus our decorating energy on high traffic areas such as the kitchen and family room. However, the bedroom is the one room you should be most comfortable in and it doesn't take much to get it a facelift.

If a major paint job is out of the question, brighten up your walls with inexpensive seascapes or other soothing prints. Another way to create a new look is to hang a wallpaper border midway around the wall. Choose a pattern with a bit of your existing wall color, but with other colors to complement a new look. If you are really creative, try stenciling the entryway or a particular area of the wall.

Nothing makes a room look clean and new like a "change of scenery", so rearrange your bedroom furniture. If your room is too small for a total rearrangement, reverse the position of your bed. If you have more room to work with, reposition everything in the room to give it a totally new look.

When purchasing a comforter, buy one that is reversible to vary the look of your room; and when purchasing sheets, buy extra to match the other side of the comforter. You can use the extra pair to drape over your windows which will save you from buying new curtains to coordinate with your new look. Add some throw pillows that are available in a variety of colors and sizes to add comfort and coziness to your "new" room.

Re-root some of your kitchen plants and display them on your bedroom window sill to add new life to your room, or hang them in a sunny corner. Also, make it a habit to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers when you do your grocery shopping and display them on your nightstand. Flowers always add cheer and their aroma will lift your spirits. Likewise, scented candles will add warmth and serenity, and are very inexpensive. Display your favorite books on your nightstand or add a shelf to showcase both your favorite books and treasured photographs.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place that you look forward to being in, not just to sleep, but to relax and enjoy. Waking to the sweet scent of flowers will invigorate you and set the mood for the entire day. Likewise, nothing is more soothing than unwinding with your favorite book or catching a glimpse of your child's photo as you drift off to sleep. Pleasant dreams!

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