All About Dessert Beauty Line Products

A description of the popular body care and cosmetics line launched by Jessica Simpson, Dessert Beauty.

Jessica Simpson has risen to fame and stardom not only because of her hugely successful singing and recording career, but also because of her popular MTV reality show Newlyweds with husband Nick Lachey.A native of Texas, Jessica has now created a great smelling, edible cosmetics and body care line in a variety of delicious and sweet flavors and scents.Dessert Beauty was first launched in April of 2004.The rich, decadent line offers everything from body bubbles to lip glosses, perfumes, and body shimmers.There is even a whipped body cream in a canister with sprinkles.

The flavors come in all kinds of delicious smells such as Creamy (a cake like scent), Dreamy (a chocolate and coconut combination), and Juicy (a fruity, tangy smell)."Taste" is the newest addition to the line created by Simpson and is a combination of some of her favorite flavors and smells.The perfume is one of Sephora's best sellers.All of the items Dessert Beauty offers claim to be not only sweet smelling, but edible as well!!Not to fear, however, Simpson and president and co-founder Randi Schinder (owner of Clean Cosmetics) consulted with top chemists to ensure that the products are also good for your skin in addition to enticing the senses, and contain the highest quality ingredients like shea butter and natural oils.

The Dessert Treats line is a younger, fresher version of the Dessert Beauty line.The flavors are slightly simpler and a little more playful.Scents such as bubblegum, cotton candy, lollipop, and banana split are just some of the sweet concoctions sold in the line.Walgreens and Eckerd drugstores are just some of the retail chains offering the Dessert Treats line for sale at most of their cosmetics counters, so they are becoming more accessible to consumers.Simpson says this is her most favorite line yet, because the scents are fun, flirty, and familiar.She said she had a terrific time designing and trying out the new fragrances and flavors.The Dessert Treats line is currently offered at over 10,000 retailers worldwide, and is somewhat less expensive than its counterparts, making it more available to a wider range of people.

You may wonder how Jessica Simpson got into the cosmetics business.She has been quoted as saying that if she were not into music, she'd always wanted to be a makeup artist.She is having a busy and exciting time working with Schinder in developing new products and attending launch parties, attending photo shoots, and releasing commercials.She has also presented her products on QVC.With her newfound success, Simpson is not only a pop and television superstar, but a budding entrepreneur as well. In addition to her successful cosmetics line, Jessica and her sister Ashlee were recently chosen as spokespeople for Hershey's Liquid Ice and Ice Breakers Mints, airing several commercials for the products on television.Not only is she constantly working on new products for Dessert Beauty line, there is also talk of launching her very own clothing line in the future as well.

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