Destination Attractions: Things To Do In Brazil

Learn about the most popular tourist attractions Brazil has to offer as well as some that are not well known to tourists.

Things To Do In Brazil

Any visit to Brazil would not be complete without a visit to one of the world's most beautiful cities - Rio De Janeiro. With seven million inhabitants, Rio is the world's largest tropical city and one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. This is in large part due to the lust for life and love of romance, music and dance that is so common among citizens of Rio.

At the first sight of Rio's beautiful setting, nestled between the aqua blue ocean waters and tropical hillsides, it is easy to see why the locals are so passionate. Taking the cable car up to Rio's most famous landmark, Sugar Loaf Mountain, is an excellent way to see some spectacular views. Another great view from the other side of the city can be seen on top of Corcovado Mountain. The 100 foot high Christ the Redeemer statue stands opened arm overlooking the entire city. On the way down, enjoy a ride through the lush Tijuca Forest, one of only two rainforests inside a city anywhere in the world.

If you're looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, there is no better place than the beaches of Rio. Have a caipirinha - the national drink of Brazil - down on the legendary Ipanema beach or take a stroll down the Copacabana beach. Here you will find miles of shops, hotels, restaurants and plenty of sand. At night a market opens up with vendors selling T-shirts, art, crafts and other unique souvenirs .

To really immerse yourself into the Brazilian culture, it is necessary to experience their passion for music and dance. The best way to do this is to watch the many samba schools compete during Carnaval, Brazil's equivalent to Mardi Gras. The week long pre-lenten festival is a massive celebration of samba, dance, drinking and self-indulgence. Carnaval in Rio is the best known and flashiest, but if you're looking for the hot spot amongst Brazilians, Salvador is the place. A three hour flight north from Rio willl take you to the state of Bahia. Here, Carnaval tends to be more natural and expressive rather than glitz and glamor. Trios electricos - musicians performing on top of trucks - parade through the streets providing music to dance to all through the night. After a long night of dancing and partying, catch a ferry from the Sao Joaquim terminal to Itaparica Island. Blessed with a wealth of flora and fauna, the island is a valuable ecological preserve as well as a popular beach to catch some relief from the heat.

Nature enthusiasts will certainly enjoy a trip into the Amazon. Along with being the largest river in the world, the surrounding rainforest is home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals as well. Manaus is the central airport hub of the Brazilian Amazon. Here you can meet with tour groups and travel by riverboat. Along the way you can go piranha fishing, alligator spotlighting and trek through the jungle with expert guides.

Another spectacular natural highlight of Brazil is the monumental Iguassu Falls. A UNESCO world heritage site, the falls are set in a wondrous subtropical humid forest. The 275 falls are over three kilometers wide and 80 meters high, which make them wider than Victoria Falls, higher than Niagara Falls and more beautiful than both.

All these wonderful sites and activities will surely work up an appetite. Before leaving Brazil, unless you're a strict vegetarian, you must visit a churrascaria. These are all-you-can-eat restaurants serving a variety of freshly sliced meats directly to your plate. A green chip means keep the meat coming and a red chip means you've had enough, at least for the moment. Throughout Brazil you will also find guarana, the country's favorite soft drink. It is made from an Amazonian berry reputed to an aphrodisiac.

You could spend years in Brazil and not experience everything it has to offer, but after one visit you'll be sure to want to go back and explore more!

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