Developing Good Study Habits

Developing good study habits to achieve great grades and success in education is highly dependent on you.

Good grades and success in education are highly dependent on you, the student, and your study habits. Your success in life is also dependent on how you cope within the classroom and are able to maximize your potentials.

Success is the result of hard work and developing a habit of working towards the goals that will eventually lead to success. So where is it supposed to start? In the classroom.

Here are five tips on how you can develop good study habits:

DO ADVANCE READINGS! If you're currently on Chapter 4 of your biology book, why not read on a few extra chapters? It doesn't hurt to be several pages ahead in class. In fact, doing advance readings will actually help you prepare yourself for the next lesson.

BANISH CRAMMING! "Cram" is high up there on the list of things that mostly characterize high school and college students, especially during exam week. Cramming usually results to lower grades. Two or three weeks before an exam, go over your notes already. This way, you aren't really pressured to study and you have ample time to pace yourself.

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR TOMORROW'S QUIZ! When you get home, study the notes and lessons for that day as if you'll be having a quiz the next day, even there really isn't going to be one. Making a habit of reviewing the day's lessons will help to condition your mind and increase your memory retention.

WRITE NOTES! Don't get lazy on writing on your notebook. Learn to jot down keywords and important phrases and ideas your teacher tells your class.

DEVOTE A TIME! Study and work within a specific length of time everyday. You may want to try devoting an hour and half after school to studying your lessons. Or you can schedule your study time at certain times during the night or weekend. The important thing is you stick to your plan.

These are only several of still many tips that can help you develop good study habits, but the above five tips are by far the most important and essential ones. Study them, keep them, remember them and most importantly, make them your habit!

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