Developing Your Walk With God

Christians can develop their walk with God, increase their sense of spirituality through Biblical principles and simple techniques.

Many Christians find they have a faith in God, and they believe that Jesus is the Christ. They feel they have invited Him into their lives as their Lord and Savior, but then feel lost about growing and developing that faith. It is important to grow as a Christian. It is often possible to be involved in church, fellowship, Christian activities, yet lose the momentum necessary to develop a better understanding of God. If a person is not growing closer to God, he/she is moving away from God. The following steps are suggestions for Christians who wish to relight the spark, and keep the fire going.

Commit to reading the Bible. This is the source of information for the spiritual path. It is good to read commentary and Christian perspectives, but it is important to return the place where everything started. Make a pact to read the Bible once or twice daily. It is logical to read the Bible before going to bed, and in the first few minutes after waking up in the morning. Psychologists consider these times as prime learning opportunities. The brain is able to absorb more materials during the 30 minutes before and after sleep. Take advantage of this, and incorporate these as quiet times in the day.

Identify a passage that is applicable to your life on a daily basis. Take a moment and write this passage down. Include in this short writing period a personal goal you have set for yourself. It does not necessarily need to be connected to the passage, but as you meditate on these throughout the day connections will become clear. This technique assists the individual in clarifying goals and considering whether goals are consistent with God's plan.

Find a prayer partner in order to deepen prayer life. A prayer partner would be someone you feel comfortable praying with. Sometimes this is a big step for people, and they do not feel ready. A way to ease into praying with someone is reading the Bible out loud to one another. This can develop relationship intimacy to the point where both parties feel the comfort level to talk with God together.

Envision God. In spare moments when driving, cleaning, or walking, let your mind focus on the principles of God's Word and how they apply to your life. What would God ask you to do right now? How would God want you to change? How does God command you to react to other people? See yourself fulfilling the plan that God has made for you. See yourself successful in your walk, and think about what needs to change in your life in order for this to happen

As with any skill, those that are worthwhile take practice. Simply reading about steps about becoming closer to God may be enlightening, but the fruits of one's faith is what counts. The growth of a Christian is determined by the individual's reliance and compliance with the rules and concepts outlined in the Bible. The outcome of a faith that is fully lived out is the realization of God's plan for the individual: a life filled with abundant joy and satisfaction.

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