Diaper Changing Stations, Tables, And Other Options For The Nursery

Basic options for planning your nursery changing station.

When planning your nursery it is important to remember that quite a bit of your time will be spent changing your baby. You can count on at least 8-10 diaper changes per day at first and during the first year well over 1500 changes!

There are many options out there so it is important to sit down and think about what will work best for your situation. You have three basic options available:

a. a changing table.

b. a changing pad on the floor, dresser, or whatever flat surface is available.

c. a bassinet with a changing station.

Let's go over each option and general things you need to think about to help you choose what will work best. One of the most important things you need to think about is your budget and what option will be most comfortable to use. Each one of these options gives you various choices in cost and functions. The first decision you need to make is if you are going stand or sit while changing the baby.

If you are going to stand, then a changing table is your best choice. There are many options available in changing tables. The most important things to think about are will it be a comfortable height for you to stand at and how long do you plan on using it.

There are varying basic models that come with three shelves. The top shelf is for changing the baby and usually has a weight limit of about 20lbs. The lower two shelves on this model are for organizing your changing supplies. Since they only come with flat surfaces you will need to choose the way you want to organize your supplies.

There are organizers available that hang off the side, or sit on the next to the changing table. You can also buy baskets or bins to organize. The last thing you will need to think about is the changing pad to go on the top shelf. If your table doesn't come with a strap, then strongly think about purchasing a pad that has straps. You should never leave a baby alone on a changing table but a wiggly baby can sometimes jump off before you know it. Some of the more expensive changing tables come with rails and straps for extra safety. They also convert into dressers or bookshelves after your baby is no longer in diapers.

For versatility and cost, a changing pad that can be placed on a dresser, the floor, or whatever flat surface is the best option available. It isn't the best for someone who prefers to be very organized. I have to warn you that you find yourself lacking in some supply or the other during a change. A great workaround for this is to buy a basket and place all your changing supplies in it next to the changing pad. That way if you need to move it you can just bring the basket and the pad. The pads that come with straps are the safest option. You can also buy covers to make them more comfortable for the baby. I would recommend buying more than one so that you can quickly replace one that is soiled.

The last option is a changing station that is a part of your bassinet system. This is good for the beginning months but these changing areas usually have a very low weight limit and you will find yourself needing a new option. Still it is not a bad way to go if you find yourself undecided and with limited funds.

The last thing I want to go over is the list of supplies essential to whatever you decide to use as your changing option.

a. diapers

b. baby wipes

c. diaper cream

d. burp cloths

e. thermometer & petroleum jelly

There are other things that you can keep there such as toys, change of clothes, pacifier but it those are things you find out though trial and error.

We have gone over each of the basic options for planning where you will change you baby. All that is left is for you to decide what will work best for you and your budget. A changing table is good for standing changes and someone who likes an organized nursery. They are good in the long run and some have options to convert into bookshelves or dressers. A changing pad is good for someone who wants versatility when they change the baby. Last is the attached changing station on a bassinet? Great for at first but you will need to plan for changes, as the baby grows older.

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