Diaper Rash Home Remedies For Your Baby

Cures for diaper rash: treatments without a lot of tears or money.

If you have ever had a baby, you probably already know about diaper rash. If you have had a baby on antibiotics, then you probably know diaper rashes better than you would like. There are a lot of products on the market claiming to "prevent" or "cure" diaper rash and maybe you have tried them all only to be disappointed. Out of all the ointments and powders sitting in your baby's closet, you are probably even more confused as you pick up your current parenting magazine only to find they say the powder will cure the diaper rash but clog the lungs? What is a mother (or father) to do?

What is diaper rash?

In simple terms, diaper rash is simply irritated skin that is often red, cracked and very painful to the baby. It can have blisters on it and is sometimes puffy. Your baby will often cry until she is comfortable or falls asleep whichever comes first.

What can you do about diaper rash?

Once your baby has diaper rash you will know. The first thing you will want to do is make your baby more comfortable. One sure thing you can do is to lie your baby on a cotton blanket without his diaper. Another thing you can do is to hold your baby in front of a fan on low speed so that the air is directly hitting the diaper rash but do not leave the baby for the fact the fan can take the breath out of younger babies while older babies can put their fingers in the fan. Give your baby a warm water bath followed by applying pure aloe Vera gel (usually this can be found in health food stores or near the sun tan lotions), gently towel dry and diaper as usual. If you prefer to use a powder, apply about 2 tablespoons full inside the diaper itself instead of on your baby. If you feel you must use an ointment, please do be careful, because once on, these are hard to come off and you may irritate the baby's rash more coming off than they actually help. Since all babies are unique individuals with different skin sensitivities, you will need to find what works best for your own baby.

How to prevent diaper rash?

If you can, the best thing is to prevent your little one from getting this in the first place, but even at our best attempts she will probably at least have one or two in her first year of life. Your goal as a mom will probably be to minimize the chances the best you can. Again, since babies have different skin types, you should probably find a diaper that is friendly to her skin as well as leaks. After this step, you will want to keep her as dry as possible and this does not mean checking to see if she is "wet" every 10 minutes. This means if you use baby wipes at every change, to pat her dry with a cotton towel or let her air dry before closing the diaper. If you use cloth, do not use bleach or harsh detergents or these will rub on to her skin when she is wet. Instead wash these in very hot water and mild detergent. If you feel you must use bleach then be sure rinse them twice using 1 cup of vinegar in the first rinse to remove the bleach residue. This really does help. If you are a disposable diaper mom, these are made to hold a lot of baby's urine so you do not necessarily have to change her immediately after she wets, but if the diaper is "dirty", than change it right away before the acid in her bowel movement starts irritating her skin. Be careful on using powder on baby girls with every diaper change because some believe this can cause a yeast infection. An alternative is to make a mixture of half unscented Vaseline and pure aloe Vera gel, rub a light coat of this over her bottom to prevent the extra moisture from trapping to her delicate skin.

If you follow your mother instincts and take what advice is most suitable for your baby, then you and her both might sleep more peaceful without the tears a diaper rash can bring to the entire family.

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