How Did You Learn About Beading?

How did you learn about beading? From books, classes, and free patterns online - there are many ways to learn about beading. I saw a book in the library on how to make beaded animals and bicycles, mostly...

I saw a book in the library on how to make beaded animals and bicycles, mostly flat things, and then from that I got interested in bead weaving. This was in the mid 90s so there wasn't a lot online, but I went online and found what I could. I acquired more books of my own, but I am a big one for just trying something and seeing if it works.

Are there kits for beading?

I've never really bought kits myself because I find kits very restrictive - you can only make what the kit is designed for. But I have seen in craft stores little kits where you get the beads to make up a little angel for your Christmas tree. I've seen kits where you can make an actual little beaded Christmas tree Barbie size. I have seen kits that give you everything you need to make a little purse.

If you were planning to do a craft project with kids, beading kits might be a great and inexpensive way to go. Those tend to be pretty cheap like less than 50 cents per little angel or whatever you are making. Generally I think the price per ingredient is higher because what you're paying for is the pattern and the instructions.

So I think if someone is experienced in beading they can look at the kit and then go make it on their own and skip the instructions. But if someone a beginner, maybe they do want to spend their money on a kit, learn it, and then feel more confident making their own thing on the next project.

Taking a class can also be a good idea for a beginner, but I would check out the prices first. Often, the larger craft stores, like Michael's, will offer free or very cheap classes where you can learn the basics of beading.

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