All About The Diesel Fashion Line

A description and brief history of the fashion line Diesel.

Founded in 1978 by its CEO, Italian designer Renzo Rosso, Diesel Clothing Company has become one of the worlds' most well known design and fashion companies.Beginning as strictly a high fashion label that manufactures jeans, Diesel has grown over the years to also create off-the-wall designs for watches, bags, fragrance, shoes, sunglasses, and even children's clothing.Now sold in over 80 countries, Diesel has surely left its mark on the fashion world.In fact, Diesel outsold Levi's in the United States for the "couture jeans" section of fashion in recent years.

Combining urban flair with classic styling, Diesel has become not just a label for those with a taste for high fashion, but is quickly becoming a household name as well.While most typically a pair of jeans made by Diesel can run anywhere from one to two hundred dollars a pair, the brand's increase in popularity is allowing for those with a smaller pocketbook to have the opportunity to purchase the coveted denim.The label likes to think of itself as "the haute couture of casual".Diesel also produces a high quality line of active wear for those who enjoy extreme sports.

Perhaps one of the most striking things about the brand is its ad campaigns.Always creative, often witty, and many times controversial (imagine nuns in denim), the ads have captured the attention, curiosity, and desire of millions of people around the world.Rosso's creativity shines through Diesel's modern styles, and often uses bright pops of color in the shoe and handbag line.The men and women's fragrances are increasingly popular as Diesel creates new scents.To own a pair of Diesel jeans or a watch is certainly a status symbol in the fashion world.The company's goal is to become a forecaster for fashion, in other words constantly creating something different, instead of making carbon copies or spin-offs of other designers.

Italian leather is a highlight of some of Diesel's finer lines, particularly in its shoe, handbag, and watch line.Despite this fact, materials such as cotton and canvas are also regular fare for the companies' different lines of clothing and accessories.Unique style, creativity, quirkiness, and functionality are what make Diesel not only practical and versatile, but bold and daring as well.Diesel's Style Lab line shows off the label's city and urban side, with graphic prints, off-kilter cuts, and a mix of materials.The worldwide attention of Diesel has created a hype that sends out signals all over the fashion world, and now the company boasts over 10,000 retail locations.It is particularly popular in Europe, New York City, Australia, Japan, and Africa. The United States has contributed greatly to Diesel's success, boasting advertisements in many music and fashion magazines on a regular basis.With this in mind, you're sure to find a Diesel store near you, and if not, look online for many retailers that carry the line.Before you know it, you too can join the ranks and sport a great piece of couture.

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