Diet Tips: Mind Tricks To Get You Through

How to adapt a new way of thinking that will help you stay on your diet and meet your weight loss goals.


When you decide to start dieting, you usually set a weight loss goal. However, in order to keep up your willpower and motivation, you should set short term goals as well. When you meet a short term goal, such as losing five pounds, you will feel accomplished. You will be empowered by the knowledge that you are capable of accomplishing your short term goals, and therefore you will be just as capable of accomplishing your long term weight loss goal. After all, your long term goal will be met if you can continue meeting your short term ones. If you only have your ultimate goal in mind, you might start to get restless and impatient, and you might wind up giving up before you have made any real progress. You can also have goals that are even smaller, such as daily goals. Your daily goal can be to eat well and exercise for at least forty-five minutes. If you have a hard time sticking to a diet, then starting out by setting miniature goals can help to give you the boost that you need to succeed. Once you have been dieting for a few months, you might decide that you are ready to extend your daily goals to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly goals instead.


If you are like most people, then the primary reason that you are trying to lose weight is to improve your appearance. Sure, you may have secondary reasons as well; one of which is usually to stay healthy and vital, but looking good is a major motivator to shed excess pounds. If you don't look the way you want to look because you are overweight, then you probably feel insecure and less confident in social situations. In general, when you don't think you look your best, it can seem impossible to feel your best. When you are trying to get yourself to stick to a diet, it can help to remind yourself of what it feels like to be happy with your appearance. Go to the salon and get a new hair cut and some great highlights to give your look a charge. Go to a makeup counter at a department store and ask for a makeover. Most places will do free makeovers in the hopes that you will purchase the makeup that was used to create your made up look. You should purchase the makeup, and pay close attention to the techniques that are used to create the look. You will feel much more confident in yourself with an improved look, and it will give you the motivation to keep up your dieting so that you can look even better soon. Every time you lose another five or ten pounds, you should splurge on a brand new outfit or at least a new article of clothing (if you can't afford to get a whole outfit). When you have reached your ultimate weight loss goal, you will have a visual reminder of how far you have come when you see the progression of your clothing.


Every night before you go to sleep, you should lie in your bed with your eyes closed and picture your body looking the way you want it to. There is a tremendous amount of research that supports the belief that your mind and positive thinking can make a major impact on your success in the realm of dieting. Visualizing your goal body can help to keep you on track with you goals. You should also practice this visualization technique when you are tempted to cheat on your diet or when you are struggling to get yourself to the gym. When you think of the future body you can have by sticking to the diet, you will remember how much you want to achieve your goal.


Sometimes when you start dieting, it is hard to let go of bad eating habits. When you get a craving, you should drink a glass of ice water. It will make you feel fuller, and it can help you to get through your craving without giving in to it. Also, drinking water is essential to your diet, so it will help to satisfy your water consumption needs as well. Therefore, you will have turned a craving into a positive dieting move.

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