What Is The Difference Between Air Conditioning And Evaporative Cooling?

What is the difference between Air Conditioning and Evaporative cooling? Learn what makes evaporative cooling different from air conditioning systems. Many people like evaporative cooling as it's cool breeze...

Many people like evaporative cooling as it's cool breeze feels like the ocean air. However, there is no substitute for an Air Conditioner's cooling comfort in humid climates. Many of us comfort oriented people prefer evaporative cooling when it can be used in the correct dry air environment and especially if you are trying to save energy bills. Portable Evaporative Coolers are an excellent alternative for providing relief from the heat, when used as spot coolers, given the proper climate.

The following are brief examples of the differences between A/C and evaporative cooling:

a. You must not recirculate air cooled by evaporation back into the Evaporative Cooler. You may recirculate air cooled by an air conditioner back into the Air Conditioner.

b. You must allow proper Ventilation like having outside air drawn into an Evaporative Cooler and provide an air escape through a window(s) or door, which helps keep your cooled air fresh. Normally you do not allow outside air to circulate through an Air conditioner for maximum results, therefore stale air may result.

c. You must dispose of excess water accumulated by an Air Conditioner. There is no excess water accumulated by an Evaporative Cooler as it eventually evaporates.

d. A 110-volt Air Conditioner is a complex system requiring a vast energy source of 10 to 12 times that of a 110-volt Evaporative Cooler. If you only have 12-volt available and need Air Conditioning then look into our Icester, IceMystr, IceStrMystr and the new 12-Volt/110-Volt MightyKool M200 & M300.

e. An Evaporative Cooler will add some humidity to the cooled air and is the reason you need proper Ventilation. An Air Conditioner will not add any humidity in fact will dry the ambient air.

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