What Is The Difference Between A Cheap Air Purifier And An Expensive One?

What is the difference between a cheap air purifier and an expensive one? Learn the difference between a cheap air purifier and an expensive air filter and how they work to clean and purify the air. We all...

We all know that casual shopping for trinkets is not the same as taking an important and long term decision that could impact family health and monthly budgets as well. Air purification systems clearly belong to the latter category because hasty decisions made on the basis of illusory pricing can jeopardize wellness of the family, especially the children. A faulty air purification system can also inflate energy bills. You should expect air purifiers to last for up to two decades, so you do not want to take any chance of making an inappropriate choice!

Sylvia Crunk, owner of Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas, a company which specializes in air purification systems, offers the following check-list to help people choose the right air purification systems for their homes:

* Have your residence surveyed and inspected by certified and qualified technicians, so that equipment capacities filter types, and air duct design suits your individual needs.

* Clean filters every month, or even every fortnight if there is new construction activity in your neighborhood.

* Get a Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PVA) from a certified and reliable service provider to check and clean your air ducts and equipment. This kind of maintenance requires computer controlled equipment to measure air flow in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), and to spray aerosols to seal leaks.

* Use portable units if you plan to change residence. Ecoquest is a reliable brand as it has been chosen by the Pentagon after 9/11.

Choose your equipment and system by asking questions based on the points listed above of certified and reputed suppliers. Be wary of exaggerated and unsubstantiated claim. Consider features and benefits rather than price alone. Bear in mind that your system should last up to 2 decades with regular and due maintenance, so you cannot afford to take chances with lifetime costs associated with your investment decision. Remember also that your recurring energy bills could be affected by defective equipment which does not live up to its promise.

The real cost of air purification systems lies in the effects it can have on the health of your children, others in the family and on you as well. The American Academy of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) is seized of the growing incidence of respiratory disorders and allergic reactions in the general US population. Studies commissioned by the US Environmental Protection Agency prove that reducing the density of allergens which act as environmental triggers, can reduce acute allergic attacks. Many families who choose improper air purification equipment, lured by artificially low prices, can find that they pay much more in terms of health and energy bills. The absence of a proper PVA can result in expensive replacements and repairs as well.

Descriptions of air purifiers as 'cheap' and 'expensive' are misleading because their purchase involves long term investment thinking and analysis based on facts of performance and service guarantees. Always ask certified and reputed manufacturers and service providers to give you comprehensive estimates after they have surveyed your home and inspected any existing equipments and ducts.

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