What Is The Difference Between Meguiars And The Other Car Waxes Out There?

What is the difference between Meguiars and the other car waxes out there? People who want extraordinary performance have to have absolute perfection and finish. So Meguiars products are extraordinary.

We have been in business since 1901 and are top-selling brand of appearance car care products. So, it's not just wax, it's the whole category of appearance car care - taking care of the wheels, tires, rims, interior carpets, leather - every surface you can think of on an automobile.

If you walk into a store to look at the car care products, it's overwhelming, but we are the number one brand. We have arrived to that point because we are car crazy and we have always from day one worked with car enthusiasts who have a much higher standard than the average person waxing their car.

People who want extraordinary performance have to have absolute perfection and finish. So our products are extraordinary. We have the highest brand loyalty of any other products that are in the market place and always have. Our competitors make much bolder claims than we make, but it is very common for our competitors to talk say just rub this on, rub it off, and your car will look like new for two years. And while that sounds really good, you will find that it doesn't really work like that.

We explain to people there is some education involved and what works on one car may not work on another car. A black car requires more work than a white car. The car that has been sitting outside for prolonged period of time in inclement weather requires a different set of products than the car that sits in the garage most of the time. The best thing I think we provide is our Personal Car Care Prescriptions Service.

You can either go on our website or call a live operator in our office six days a week and you provide us complete information on your car, the color, the condition, where it sits most of the time, if it is outside, if it exposed to source of contaminants like salt air or dust, and we take all that into consideration. We also want to know what your personal appearance goals are and what level you want to keep your car at and how much time you want to spend on it. We take all that information and we combine it with an enormous body of research we have done on the weather patterns across United States and specific environmental impact on paint finishes by zip code and we combine that with your personal information and we give you a Personal Car Care Prescription based on your car and your personal habits and desires for the car.

It gives you an exact prescription of what type of product you need to use on your car and the sequence in which you need to use those products and, most importantly, the frequency. The two most asked questions about car wax are what should I use on my car how long will it last. And the only way you can answer those two questions with any type of integrity is to ask some questions first and that's what the Prescriptions serves really does.

I will tell you that a black car is the most difficult. We love black cars. Every company car we have is black and reason for that being if your product works on black, it can work on any color. If there is anything we are known for, it is creating a perfect finish which takes out almost all marks and leaves a perfectly clear reflection.

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