What Are The Differences Between Hardwood And Carpeted Floors?

What are the differences between hardwood and carpeted floors? One advantage of having carpet is it serves as a natural insulator, it is also safer and softer and adds warmth to a room. One of the most important...

One of the most important and difficult decorating decisions that homeowners have to make revolves around the type of carpet to put in their home. Choosing the wrong carpet to put in a room can completely change the emotion and chemistry of the room. But just as the wrong carpet can cause problems, the right carpet can significantly add to the decor of a room.

But as consumers are becoming more and more informed about the many different decorating possibilities for flooring, some homeowners are choosing hardwood over carpet completely. It used to be that hardwood floors were the choice of flooring mainly because of the low maintenance to keep clean. But as technology continues to grow, hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular for many other reasons as well.

George Davies is the marketing communications manager for Shaw Floors. They produce and sell carpet, rugs, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring for homeowners and business owners worldwide. Davies said that hardwood floors are moving up in the world of flooring, but carpet is still the number one choice for many homeowners.

"We would like to say that each has a place in the home, and generally that's the way most of the consumers are buying today," Davies said. "One advantage of having carpet is it serves as a natural insulator. It provides additional warmth in cold seasons and can actually increase the insulation levels of the carpeted areas."

"It also has a perception of warmth and comfort," Davies added. "It reduces noise level and it will eliminate and muffle clatter. Carpeted rooms will absorb and contain noise too, which give a little bit more privacy from room to room. It's soft under-foot, comfortable and actually a little bit safer for older people and maybe small children by minimizing the danger of injury from falls and accidents."

Hardwood floors are becoming more popular among consumers for a lot of different reasons. One reason that homeowners are turning to hardwood floors over carpet is that hardwood floors offer a higher quality look. A well finished hardwood floor can give a room a sense of class and style.

Hardwood floors are also good investments for homes. Having hardwood floors installed in your home will almost certainly allow your home to keep its resale value. And at times, a well done floor finishing can even increase the resale value of your home.

Hardwood floors are also becoming more popular among homeowners because of the safety reasons. Installing hardwood floors in your home will allow for much lower levels of chemical emissions. Also, hardwood floors do not accumulate and trap dust particulates and allergens that come with carpet.

Another advantage of hardwood floors is the long term economical outlook. With the average lifespan of hardwood floors being about 30 years, most experts suggest that the financial gain with hardwood floors could be more beneficial than carpet. Of course, the homeowner would have to have the hardwood floor refinished and have coats added over the years to ensure the lifespan of the floor.

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