Different Cloth Diaper Types

Today's cloth diaper market offers variety, style and good looks.

Cloth diapers are a far cry from being lost in the past. Many parents today use a combination of cloth and disposable diapers with their babies. While at home during the day, cloth diapers are used. At night and while away from home, disposable diapers are used for their convenience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this concept. In fact, it is probably better than using either cloth or disposables all the time.

Many years ago, there were two types of cloth diapers: flat and folded. The first of the two was simply a large square of cotton material that mothers would fold and then use on the baby. The latter of the two was pre-folded and virtually ready to use. Today there is an abundance of types of diapers and accessories with which to use with them. Technology, along with the introduction of the Internet, has helped the cloth diaper business not only to survive but to thrive.

The types of cloth diapers today vary considerably. There is a range of different cloth types, flat or pre-fitted types, various covers, and fastening options. This could easily send a new mother or mother-to-be either into hysterics or running from the store. However, with the right information and a little help from an experienced mother, the decisions are not too difficult.

The types of cloth used for standard diapers include 100% cotton, 100% Chinese cotton, bleached or un-bleached cotton, flannel, and a cotton/hemp blend. The type of cloth used does indicate how well the material will stand up to the abuse of soiling, washing and drying repeatedly, but it will also have a bearing on how absorbent the diaper will be and how gentle it will be on your baby's skin.

When using standard cloth diapers you will need a few more items. You will need diaper pins or snaps to secure the diaper and diaper covers to, well, cover the diaper. Standard diaper pins are basically over-sized safety pins with a cute baby-related "˜head' piece. These are adorable to use and will offer many opportunities for stories when your child(ren) grow up and find them. Snaps are an alternative to diaper pins. They are a "Y"-shaped plastic piece that has plastic fasteners on all three ends with which to secure the diaper.

Diaper covers, though they can be cute and adorable in and of themselves, are meant to go over cloth diapers. They are a cover to keep a wet diaper from "˜leaking' onto clothes and/or furniture. Unlike the rubber pants that once covered all cloth diapers, today's covers are stylish, decorated and adorable. They can be pulled over disposable diapers for running around if desired, as most disposables do not have the same look as the covers.

One other type of cloth diaper is the all-in-ones or "aio"s. These diapers are cloth diaper, cover and fastener in one piece. These are great for quickie-changes or midnight changes. They also come in various absorbencies and with different decorations and appearances.

With the large market for cloth diapers today, yesterday's plain white cloth diaper is no longer the only choice. Parents everywhere can have their cloth diapers and style too!

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