Different Styles Of Wearing Cufflinks

Different styles of cufflinks to add to your own individual style.

Once cufflinks and French cuffs were the epitome of style, however during the dress down days of the eighties and nineties they fell out of favor except for the most formal occasions. Now, once more, they are making a comeback, as more and more men are willing to use jewelry to make a 'fashion statement'.

The smartly dressed man of today will now have several dress shirts in his closet with French cuffs. In addition, his jewelry box will hold several pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks come in several styles and many different designs, ranging in price from twenty dollars to more than a thousand. Many are plain, simple, gold or silver disks.Other cufflinks may be enameled or studded with crystals, diamonds or other gemstones.

There are four recognized styles of cufflinks, beginning with the simple 'Post' style. These are the cufflinks you probably remember your father or grandfather wearing. With a 'fob' on one side, a large ball or disk, and a tilting post on the other, these are the most common cufflinks made. To wear, simply push the post through the buttonholes on the cuff and tilt the stem to a 't' shaped position on the other side.

Button style cufflinks add a bit more polished look. Both sides of the link are the same, joined together with a small chain. To wear these, you simple button one side through the buttonhole.

Silk knot cufflinks are exactly as they sound and are connected together by a short ribbon. Attached the same way as button styles, these cufflinks are elegant and generally the most comfortable to wear, especially when working at a desk where you do a lot of writing. In higher-class stores, you can find silk knots made of materials matching silk ties.

Clip cufflinks are the flashiest and make the loudest fashion statement. Not only do they attach through the buttonhole, a part wraps around the edges of the French cuff, making them not only practical but also eye-catching.

A man's jewelry should never be the focus of what he is wearing. Cufflinks, like any other accessory, should only add style to the overall image you wish to project. The best way to decide what type of cufflink to wear is to match it to either the metal in your watch or in your ring. If one of them is gold, wear gold cufflinks; if silver, wear silver.

When choosing to wear cufflinks with color, your best bet is to match your shirt or if you want to make a statement, match the color of your tie.

For formal occasions, you should match your cufflink to the color of your dinner jacket, or wear simple gold or silver links.

The only exception to this is when you are a part of a wedding party. At that time, you would wear what the rest of the attendants wear. In this situation, your cufflinks will generally match the colors of the wedding.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to wear cufflinks if wearing any type of bracelet other than a watch. Like all things, too much is overkill. Just as in women's jewelry, the accessories you wear should show off your individual style, not appear gaudy. Gauche and garish never looked good on anyone, male or female.

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