Different Types Of Flag Cases

Different types of flag cases. There are oak, walnut, cherry, and several other types of flag cases available for the flag aficionado. Flag display cases are frames in which a folded flag can be held like...

Flag display cases are frames in which a folded flag can be held like a picture in a photo frame. They come in triangular frames of wood, glass, or acrylic. Our flag expert, Joe Parish, who has more than fifty years experience in the flag industry, says they are mostly used for military purposes.

"Well, most of the flag cases that we carry are for the Veterans' flags. When a Veteran passes away, the Veteran's Administration will give a family a casket flag which is a 5 x 9.5 foot American flag. During the military ceremony at the funeral, they will drape the flag over the casket. After the ceremony is over, the military will fold it up into the triangular shape, and they will present it to the family. We sell a number of very nice wooden boxes that the flag could be displayed in with the glass front on the case. We have them in an assortment of woods from poplar, oak, to walnut or cherry. Some of them will have a light oak finish and some of them will have a darker walnut or cherry finish. Generally, the larger ones are 5 x 9.5 foot flags, but we also sell a 3 x 5 flag which a lot of people want," Parish says.

All major flag stores offer the choice of personalizing the display case. The frames are mostly made of wood, but you can find some made out of aluminum. Mostly hardwoods like walnut, oak, mahogany, cherry, and pinewood are used.

Flag display cases are mostly triangular, with either a locking front door or sliding glass/acrylic panels or removable backs. They can be used either as table tops or wall displays. When choosing a flag display case, it is important to check if the door shuts tightly enough to hold the flag in place. Websites like FlagAndBanner.com offer display cases with Velcro backgrounds, so the flag is held in place without folding or crumpling. Flag display cases are also available as slightly larger flag-and-medal display cases. These are hut shaped cases with a triangular top portion for flags and the square bottom part for displaying medals. These cases make excellent wall mounted displays.

Flag case stands or pedestals are also available on request by paying an extra charge. The stands are simple wooden platforms on which the triangular frame stands. It is best to choose display frames and stands from the same retailer or manufacturer to ensure that they match in design, color, and type of wood.

Customization of flag display cases is possible for size, material, name plate engraving, and embossing. Most people choose to have the name of the award, date, and recipient's name etched on the medal flag case. The engraving is either done on a metal plate attached to the pedestal or on the wood frame or glass. FlagAndBanner.com also sells limited edition flag display cases with an embossed American eagle symbol on the glass.
Flags have high sentimental and patriotic value, and a flag display case chosen well honors the country and its citizens by honoring the flag and keeping it safe from wear and tear.

Whatever type of flag case you choose to buy; Parish says maintenance of it will keep it looking better longer. Don't treat a wooden case and always used a dry cloth to wipe it. If you choose to mount your flag case, make sure you dust it regularly.

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