Different Ways To Curl Hair: Advantages And Disadvantages

There are different ways to curl different hair. Here are some tips on choosing which method for which hairstyle.

New hair rolling techniques have made the old fashioned curler almost obsolete, but that's okay. They were notorious for tangling your hair up and being hard to remove. Certain rollers, like the foam ones with the plastic clip weren't so bad, but those curlers with the bristles - ouch! A hair or two would tangle up and you were certain you would have to cut the curler out when eventually you managed to yank it out, along with a nice wad of your hair. On occasion they would remove okay and the curls would hold well, but you had to leave them in for long periods of time, unless you wanted to sit under a hot dryer for an hour or so.

Curling irons are the way most women get their curls now, except for perms. Curling irons plug in, get hot, then are used to wrap the hair around until it curls. There's usually a lever on the handle and when you hold it down, a clip pops out and the hair is placed between the clip and the hot curling rod. You then twirl the hair around the hot iron until the hair gets hot, then unwrap it and you have a curl. The problem with curling irons is that they eventually burn the ends of the hair. They've been known to burn many a finger, too. Curling irons come in different sizes of wands - small rod wands for shorter styles, large rod wands for longer styles. You can still curl long hair with the smaller rod wands, but it takes longer to wrap the hair around the small wand, and you have to hold the hot wand in the hair for considerably longer, exposing the hair directly touching the wand to intense and extensive heat. Special styling products are made to condition the ends of the hair against the hot irons and they do help somewhat.

A new method of curling hair involves wrapping foil around the entire strand, curling the foiled hair up or under, then using a bobby pin to secure it. The method still takes hours to dry, but avoids burning or tearing hair from curling irons and rollers and is much easier to sleep on.

Pin curls work for long or short hair. A few strands of hair are separated, then placing a finger at the base of the strands, on the head, wrap the hair around the finger until you get to the ends. Then bobby pin the curl in place by placing two bobby pins in an "X" pattern across the curl, right up next to the head. Do the next curl in the same manner, making rows of the bobby pin "X's".

The curlers, foil and bobby pin methods can be used with styling gel, which is placed onto wet hair before styling. The gel dries overnight and helps the curls keep their shape. All of the methods of curling can be enhanced by using hair spray after taking out the curls, but before combing or brushing. After spraying the curls, let hair spray dry completely, style the hair and spray again. The first spray helps the curls to hold their shape while you brush and style and the second spray helps to hold the style all day.

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