Digital Watch Repair Made Simple

Every watch can be repaired, even digial watches, if you just take the time to look at them.

Don't throw out those old watches! With most people, they will throw away that old digital watch when it is still working or when it is easily repaired. If you liked your watch and want to keep it for a very long time, use these easy to do tips to get it working right again.

Of all things, you should always just try replacing the battery in your digital watch. These are really inexpensive and most watch stores will install your battery for you for free if you need help, but the process is very simple too. Most watches contain instructions on the back of the watch for replacing the battery. You opening the back panel carefully and review what is inside. You should see a battery that is small and round and metallic in color. Very carefully remove this battery and push the new battery into the exact same position, as the old one and it should fit into place. You should then replace the back panel and try out your watch. There are many good watches that were tossed away due to just a dead battery.

If your digital watch has gotten wet, try opening it up and removing the battery and airing it out. Use a really soft Q-tip to get at areas where there might be sensitive material that can damage easily. Try to dry up as much of the liquid with the Q-tip as possible and let the watch sit unused for a good while. Most digital watches will work if you get to the wet damage quickly enough and dry it up.

A cracked case is quickly repairable with a colored seal and smoothed down. Similarly a cracked glass or plastic view screen can be replaced easily. The plastic bands themselves that strap the digital watch to your wrist are always replaceable. Many people throw a really good watch away simply because the strap broke. Anyone that sells watches should also sell replacement straps and are easily put into place. Both sides of where the straps were attached should have tiny screws that you can remove to slide out the bar that holds the strap in place. With this method, you could also change the look of your watch to suit your needs. Perhaps you preferred a wider strap anyways.

Additionally, some watches get knocked around and any loose wiring might get knocked out of place. If you replaced the battery of your watch and something still doesn't seem right, try checking the watch for any wires that have come loose. Be very careful to be sure where it is supposed to fit back into and secure it with a little soldering iron or some wires simply fit right back into place.

For most people, they will throw away a perfectly good watch simply because it doesn't work any more. The newer the watch, the more likely they will throw it away without giving it a chance, not even replacing the battery. Many people could save themselves a few bucks by simply checking to be sure that the battery is replace; wiring is okay and getting any water or even dust out of a watch. You could also ask a watch repairman who might be able to look at one and fix anything that might have been more difficult to spot.

A good watch should never just be thrown away. Take care of your watch and it will last you for years.

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