What Is A Dime Package?

What is a dime package? Dime package is when a defense adds two extra defensive backs in preparation of a pass play by the offense. Dime packages are commonly used in long passing plays and usually features...

Dime packages are commonly used in long passing plays and usually features six (as opposed to the normal four) defensive backs. More times than not, the backups to the starting cornerbacks on both sides will make up the two additional dime package defensive backs.

With the extra defensive backs on the field, the defense hopes to have more guys in the field that are used to playing pass coverage. Depending on the base style defense that a team is running, the two extra defensive backs usually replace two linebackers. With two bigger and better tacklers replaced with speedy cover-guys, the dime package is vulnerable against the run.
This vulnerability to the run is the biggest problem with the dime package on defense, but if an offense needs ten or plus yards to pick up the first down, playing a dime package is usually a safe beat.

Dime packages are also played late in games when a team is attempting to move the ball the length of the field against the clock. Knowing that an incomplete pass will automatically stop the clock, if the defensive unit is sure that the play call will be a pass, then the dime package is the safest bet.

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